Chrome Pixel or Boston Terrier

Damn. A wrench has been thrown into my evil scheme for getting a Chrome Pixel.

You see, I have debts - the kind where I've been given a long timeline to pay back - as in family who keeps telling me that the debt is forgiven. Unfortunately, I can't do that because it'd be taking advantage so I must pay this back.

It's been a struggle juggling all this but I'm trying and want to pay off half the debt, and maybe more, by the end of this year.  At the same time, I'm taking Dave Chilton's advice about not completely being cashtrated by your obligations. Balance etc, moderation etc, or else you'll fall off the bandwagon and go on a spending binge. All wise the thing is, I have just about enough cash that I can scrape together to get a Chrome Pixel. That is, until I saw the picture below:

I can't figure out who took this photo, but I sourced it from this site.

Now what do I do? A BT or a CP?

Bear in mind that Google searches got me into this problem. Maybe the Google overlords are trying to tell me something.