7th circle of hell wasn't it? Reserved for guests who spat in their hosts' food? Pickled in brine for the rest of eternity. Something like that.

Anyway, that's what I feel like at present. That I've had an overload of salt and now everything tastes bland and boring. Oh much like the state of affairs in everything.

There was one bright spark in the morning after coming in on the bus where the passengers were sorely lacking in any kind of travel etiquette. Really, having someone breathe on my hand while I'm holding on to a support is beyond the pale. Anyway, there I was in the work elevator - and you all have heard the despair I'm plunged into when someone else comes in then presses the button for the floor below mine - hey, I can't help it - this slows down the day. Anyway, G walked and instead of pressing n-1 (where n = my floor) for her work floor, she rode up with me and then walked down. Lovely. That's the kind of thing I do when I get onto an elevator - can you say the same? Or are you selfish. Yes. I rather thought so.

Dinner on Sunday at the J-Y's. Bunch of people there. Lots of food. Nobody took their coats off - just saying - and there were two movies on offer. One was Jean Genet's Un Chant d'Amour and the other had whatshisface who is beloved by Dr. C and who was in the last Bond movie as Q. I didn't stay for the latter as it had already been a busy day getting rid of boxes and running in the rain - mostly in circles which is most suitable as it reflects the circles in my head - what's that song about windmills in the mind? Something like that.

Had a meeting yesterday where the entire table fell into a scared silence when I spoke. It was one of those conversations, where you ask someone questions to which they can only say yes, and then in a stroke of genius, you show them that really, No should have been said months ago. In any case, after that little moment in time, we finally got an item off the freaking agenda what had been lurking and poking its ugly little head up for months.

I must do this more often. I like seeing the scared looks on their faces.

There are several plants who are on death row for non-performance. They shall be threatened a few more times, then boom - they're out.

There is turf that I must dig up so that roses can go in - SB has agreed to help. Together, we shall flaunt the city laws and ignore the advice of those who are so fettered in their chains that they can't see the tigers for the grass as in the old Flymo ads.

Laundry detergent that is scented should be banned. It stinks and is so cloying. Someone returned a shirt they'd borrowed from me after washing it and the fumes coming off it were something crazy stupid. I washed it again in scent-free detergent, but it still smells. It's slated for a second wash after which if it still smells, it will be consigned to the bin. Please - if you use scented laundry detergent, then stop. Go to the river and wash by banging your wet clothes on rocks. Earth and I will thank you.

Several yoga practitioners have been locking their bikes where they shouldn't be locked. I was very tempted to let the air out of their tyres, but I rather feel that these particular set of over-privileged yoga people have a strong sense of entitlement will have a melt-down and cause more damage. Then again, it could be fun to watch. I must think this through properly and weigh my sense of civic responsibility against the sheer pleasure of watching someone lose it for no good reason. Just to be sure, this is not about educating someone about bike parking etiquette. It's purely about aggravating them just for the hell of it.

And now to be all morose about another missed opportunity - must always be en garde to grab them when they show up. Sigh. I may have to go to Dallas and Dayton again. Oh Boy. It must be Spring.