The pressure to tip is getting out of hand.

Particularly those POS systems which give you a choice which seems to hover around 20% or higher. Most annoying when it's in a cafe where you're only picking up a coffee.

I'd much rather the store charges a higher price and remove the need to tip.

Speaking of tips. I'm tipping over to the right again because of the way computer keyboards and their mice are set up. This annoys me. Why, it may bring me to a tipping over point faster than normal.

Good thing: I think the body clock is settling down.
Bad thing: My inherent insecurities are rife.

The reviews are coming in again. Sigh. Time to look out at Oceans and up Mountains. Time to think about fat grey rain clouds skittering out of the way to show blue skies, and white and blue cars driving away smartly.

Biking in today I didn't run into any garbage trucks which is a huge bonus. Don't like those big, noisy trucks that take up so much space and create such strong vibrations in the air. Was thinking that surely there must be more to all that is before me, but that's being greedy. Remember that there is no war, no starvation, no zombies or rogue vampires in my neighbourhood. Nothing that requires daily struggle really. The choices before me are: 1) choices with real options and 2) not life-or-death choices. They are in fact immaterial.

So there you are. Today, I will make it a statement of fact that my head dramas are my own, and I shall revel in them should I choose to. They are mine, and mine alone and as long as they don't impinge on someone else's functioning, nobody has the right to say anything about them. On the other side of the coin, I shall gaze dispassionately on others' head drama and give them their due attention and then turn my gaze away.

Someone just came into my office after receiving some reviews and said, "All these applications - it's like going into a series of dates with high expectations only to be disappointed and have your expectations dashed. Why? Why? Why? Why do I keep getting seduced by that one little positive comment and go back again and again? Why? Why? Why?!"

Unfortunately, all I could say was have some chocolate before cocoa goes extinct.

There is nothing to be said. Life is shit sometimes just like life is good other times. The thing is though, you don't obsess on whether life is shit, or whether it could be better - the perception that it can always be better is dangerous. What you want to do is to engage fully with what's happening at the moment and then let it drift or drive away depending on whether you prefer clouds or  little white and blue smart cars. That way you don't latch onto a thought and be pulled down if it's a negative one, or start chasing and holding on to a positive one. The bad and good moments come and go. They don't stay, it's you who keep them around.

So to put this into practice I shall remove the letter 'g' from my keyboard, and to make it even more effective, the 'e' and the 'f' as well. Then we shall see what happens. It's done, I shall let the clouds and cars go now and wish them well.

Be well. The 28th is the next challenge since this weekend is already upon us. Practically.