Still in a rut

Am in a rut, realised this last night as was reading book for the umpteenth time. Must make change and buy new book or sumfink. I realised the horror of my life when I was in the washroom last night and saw every available surface covered with stuff. I have this intense fear of clutter and hate it. So what next?
I'm not sure other than a clean sweep of the surfaces in my washroom. I think too that part of this rutdom feeling is cabin fever. The weather has been chillier than normal and has made my outdoor activities less comfortable. Result: I do less and eat more.
Lack of sleep and my mind goes into overdrive; too much sleep and my mind goes into overdrive. Hmm. So what's a person to do?
Mind you, some of this is due to the fact that am still waiting for results from RTBC. Boss keeps calling me chicken for not calling them to find out what the hell is going on. But I figure, what's the point? They're not going to tell me whether I was approved or not over the phone. All they'll do is laugh (tinkle, tinkle) and then say the letter is in the mail (probably lying through their teeth because the letter hasn't even been written yet).
Gah. But of course, I can't challenge them on that because THEY are in the position of power and I'm in my rut.
I want to be scuba diving in Sipadan now, cavorting wtih turtles and the like.
Oooh. Phone just buzzed. Dr. L sent me a message, probably in response to my inane blabberings on Yahoo Messenger a few days ago when I was hyper (and had a connection to the internet :D)
Am thinking hot and spicy beef noodle soup. How to make this a reality? How indeed? Hmmm. There must be a way of doing this.
Sitting is so spreading. I've been seated at my desk all morning and I can feel my hips becoming wider. Bah. Gravity and the downwards pressure of sitting down is not doing me any favours.
Damn! Left off another top 10 list. I didn't make it onto the list of the top ten most dangerous animals in the world (although am sure that was very close, especially when hungry and cold). My favourite has to be the frog (#10) which oozes a slimey neurotoxin on its skin that can kill up to 10 people. Talk about efficiency! One frog vs. 10 humans.
Was just out to get coffee; had to cadge a penny from ER to get the right amount of change. Weather is once again turning and becoming cooler. Bah. Not good. Especially since am hoping to break the current spate of bad runs I've had this evening. Wed you see, the group gathers for the run again.
okay time to post this before it gets too long.