Rasa Bersalah (RB)

RB - so freaking pernicious. Here's how I plan to deal with it. Mostly, make a list and then ignore the attendant RBs that come with it. The time is now almost 4am so it's no wonder my feet are cold and my brain is ape-shit crazy trying to do daytime stuff with nighttime resources.

  1. Blah blah blah - fill in 60 minutes because bottom of the barrel - pad resume
  2. Taking on someone else's drama - don't do it - worry about your own drama
  3. Spending - worst has already happened and it will even out
  4. Fatigue - will pass and the hormones will settle down
  5. Endorphins - will eventually return
  6. Wed nights - whether I'm there or not makes no difference to the indifferent universe we are in, so much better to do what you want to
  7. Sleep and wake cycles - will even out and take care of point 4
  8. Pigeons - get rid of the nest
  9. Driving dynamics - don't participate, placate, contribute unless forced to and even then resist and pretend not to speak English
  10. Benefits - enjoy what is due, treat bonuses as pleasant surprise
  11. Anger - use the adrenaline to wake up
  12. LOI - crib from previous applications
  13. Application - ditto
  14. Continue moving so the hip doesn't seize up