Some grumbling to get out of the way - better than running over someone's toes while on my bike. Or releasing some nasty radioactive, toxic, chemically-modified biological agent into the world to turn everything higgedly-piggedly.

Yes - like what's his face's plan to flush the pentagon's toilets all at the same time to flood the complex or something like that.

Anyway, a quick list for today to tide me over. I've got lots of original text in my head that wants to come out, but the timing isn't right yet. There's too much reading and writing coming up - all for something that won't go through.

  • Managing people. I don't mind it. I just don't like managing the incompetent, or the stupid.
  • Pufferfish who mentor their own young. I long for a pin to burst the puff. Not necessarily wielded by me you understand, although at a poke pinch I would sacrifice my ethics and morality for the common (if not greater) good.
  • Helpers for the kitchen - really, there is no point in giving me what I already have.
  • Milk - goes bad too quickly.
  • I've been shipping out non-dairy creamer as quickly as it comes in - almost. The next shipment is due out soon. The first is almost there. 
  • Sybil has been extraordinarily stable lately - long may it last but not so long that it passes the end of March by too much...
  • The bolt is supposedly on its way. Should I give up on it? Do I get a bridge to go with it? You notice that Bridge is simply Bridget spelt without a t?
  • I've complained (nicely) 4 times lately and things have happened although only 2 of the complaints have been resolved to my satisfaction. Normally, a 50% result isn't that great, but given that certain institutions only give you a 6% positive chance, I'll take the 50%.
  • I can feel that there's a digital break that needs to happen soon.
  • I planted poppies - the flower of forgetting or something like that - yesterday.
  • I will plant gladiolas - the flower of assignations or something like that - soon.
  • Zion National Park. Bryce National Park. Death Valley. Sicily too. Some places to visit, and soon.
  • I will make ice-cream yet.
  • I will have to adopt a white-foods diet soon, but not for long. Yes. Long live the doughnuts, but none that have strawberry, cherry or plum jam in them.
  • I finally got my almond croissant today. It was good but it doesn't change my SOM.
  • A month on some deserted island would be nice.