From February 10 years ago

Chilly February Day and Snake Oil Salesman

sunny today – nice to see the sun exists after a few weeks of constant cloud and rain and wetness.
But with the suna nd clear skies, comes a chilly and cold wind. Brrrr. One of those days when being inside is preferable to being outside however nice it looks outside.
So having a lazyish saturday morning although should really get down to finishing a proposal that is screaming to be written (and much worse to be submitted by Friday the 13th)….
Gave my orphan orchids a shower this morning, washing the dust of their leaves gently all the while humming soothing lullabies to them. 4 of 5 are in flower or about to flower so I'm quite pleased with them.
Have also seen more orphans at the local flower store. They look v. unhappy but I have to find space for them first. Such a cruel world. The storekeep tells me that many people buy these orchids then THROW THEM OUT when the flowers die off. Barbarians. Vraiment, les barbares.
Now about to settle down to some lunch and then write write write.
Am running 22km tomorrow as well. Not too pleased about this cos don't feel well-prepared for it but what to do.
So ready for a piece of petty news?
Heh heh. Few months back, the world's biggest A-hole was very partronizing to me and basically being obstructive in various ways which may have had an impact on my little life.
WHat this guy does best is to sow seeds of discord and take credit for stuff he hasn't done while belittling the people. Anyway, you get the picture. I was quite annoyed by his actions but not much I could do being very junior in the scheme of things.
Well, last week, there was a meeting where we had to present our work and plans for the future to the allocation committee which is comprised from experts in the field from around the world.
Well to cut a long story short, the project I presented was well-received and they said it was well-thought out, "elegant" even and the most outspoken member on the committee (who everyone is afraid of) came up to me after with some very useful comments and suggestions on how to improve the work.
The world's biggest A-hole, however, tried to gloss over the lack of a PLAN for future work much less a real project (oh did I say that i have FUNDING for mine too?) and for his pains was called a "snake oil salesman" by the committee during their private deliberations (One of the attendees of the meeting let this slipped out). Heh heh.
"Aghast, Lack of foresight, distressing" were other lovely adjectives and phrases applied.
Ahhhh. karma can be sweet…
So now in the hallways we talk about SOS and snicker quietly. I've resolved to be absolutely polite and pleasant to him since after all, I'm the one who will be getting the work done AND have the funding despite being so junior.
HA. TOld you it was going to be petty but I guess the voodoo doll plan worked after all.
bye bye