The right brioche

It's the first day that we're back at work and everyone is cranky. Par for the course really, the start of the work year is pretty much almost like this. Nobody has changed, what annoyed you before the break still annoys you, and the resolutions to be polite and professional to the eejits at work wear thin before the first coffee of the day.

So, I hied myself to local coffee establishment and pulled a Bridget Jones - that is to say, a froffy coffee and choccy croissant except they didn't have croissants so I had to have a brioche which is good because it's change, and change is good. It keeps you feeling alive. ALIVE I tell you.

In truth, I'm quite glad that it's Monday because I spent the weekend draining my sinuses surreptitiously and nursing a fuzzy and bloated feeling head. The nose is undergoing its final draining (one hopes) and the head feels less bloated. I stepped into the office to find that I had to reboot my computer 5 times to get the new updates loaded and to clear set up my bluetooth connection with my N5 so that I can listen to mylatest obsessive playlist - Ku De Ta without having little things poked into my ear and wires hanging out to get caught in door handles and the like.

My new N5 is sitting on its blue recharging pad (wireless in that the N5 is just sitting on the pad) getting juiced up for what comes next in the day. It's like having a full tank of gas in the car, getting through the security lines and boarding procedures in the airport, or pumping up your bike tyres. You feel free and ready for anything that life will throw at you - and believe me, there are curve balls to come.

Today. It'll be slow, but there are a few things that I will sort out including my SOM, finances, the apartment floors and in an ironic twist of fate really channeling Mrs. Dalloway and actually getting flowers for my apartment. It's all part of January's Apartment Therapy you see - the first task is to clean your floors properly, and get flowers. The second is to do a review of the apartment and make a list of small tasks, which you've put off for a long time, to take care of by the end of January. I'm cutting myself some slack and giving myself till the second week of February because I'm gone for a week in January.

Yes. I will pay some bills, freeze my credit card (literally), get some physical activity and get some writing done. It's about time I did.

I had a nightmare last night that 1) Dr. Gazelle was using a crutch, 2) I had submitted a LOI and now the real thing was due, 3) the coffee couldn't be made because someone kept moving the kettle and 4) the grey had spread, but there was some white which made it look really sharp.

Oh dear. My head suddenly became bloated again. Time to be Mrs. Dalloway.