Spa day

Today, Sunday, I woke up naturally - which is to say - without the aid of alarms or self-induced anxiety/panic attacks over early morning meetings. Those will come tomorrow. As a result, my head feels heavy because the black morning liquid has yet to percolate through my system. Then I took a bath despite Monica's warnings that 'hot baths enervate one', because I know they do and so I'm now feeling positively soporific, but in a good way.

The wind is howling sporadically outside because there's another system on its way in, or out - who can remember. Perhaps the SOCK can clarify but it's unlikely because he sits out on the edges of the circle and watches silently.

The weekend started off with my feeling like my skin didn't fit me anymore - perhaps much like what an adolescent snake or crab might feel when they shed their skin, or exoskeleton. Why - how fitting given my astrological sign - and oooh, let's see what Canada's National paper of Record has to say about my day:

Money matters will be top of your agenda as the new week begins and if you are prepared to put in the effort and the hours now you will make a handsome profit towards the end of the month. Is that incentive enough?
Oh, how eerily apropos - money matter are at the top of my agenda. There are bills to be paid, there are calculations to be made, and bank balances to be topped up so that mortgage payments don't slip through the cracks, and new budgets to be made. Unfortunately the making of new budgets is necessitated by the required purchase of fresh ginseng which til me over. 
It's good! It's good! It's good! It's all natural! It has ginseng in it! - Bulldog
This will help balance out the oatmeal raisin cookies and travel in the pointy end of the planes. Must. remember this.
All in all, the little blue and white cars going to and fro keep going to and fro for the most part. This helps with the flow of traffic - yes, it's one of those non sequiturs that make for such intriguing reading when you read between the lines. 
What else happened? Let's see little blue and white cars dashing about - oh yes - almond croissants drizzled with honey. Sinful, but oh-so-good. I then went for teeny little excuse for a girl's blouse of a run up and down the block and used the energy equivalents on a single crushed almond dusted with icing sugar. That was hard to plan, but I managed it. 
I've had my dreams about planes so all is well. This means that I'm on track for the upcoming trip to balik kampung. It'll be hell, but I might just bid for an upgrade on the last leg so I can use the lounge and snooze after getting into the airport early in the morning. Oooh - wait, there's a dunkin' donuts just outside. How can I go wrong - breakfast will be waiting for me.
But I shan't bid until I tackle the finances - which as the Globe and Mail so presciently points out - is on the top of my agenda. Of course, this proclamation will probably change tomorrow so there may be something else on the top of my agenda - and oh lord - an early morning meeting. Oh dear. I will have to pump up the bike tires today ahead of time and lay out all my clothing for tomorrow tonight if that means anything this afternoon. 
So on it goes - it is true that life will repeat itself. There is a certain amount of repetition in all we do - we can't help it, that's just the way it is and since that's the way it is, I'll just have to get another almond croissant today. But maybe just for a little change, no honey drizzled over it - that's a bit over the top to be honest.  
Overall, it went well enough. There were a few turbulent moments during the flight from sanity and good humour but a few well-placed aphorisms and reminders especially the one about tempests in teacups and Aunt Sadie's remark, "...and who knows, maybe such dreadful measures shan't be needed in the end...", about blowing up Aladdin's Cave and carrying cyanide pills for quick ingestion should the Nazis invade helped to smooth out the turbulence and keep those little cars flitting about. I'm going out on a limb here and proclaiming that these little blips and blops will become noise in the larger spectrum that will become more evident with time. 
Not to mention, who's got the energy for anything else?