So an update on what's been happening recently.

Let's see - last week, went to home to the airport, repacked luggage there in front of kind agent who helped ensure that I wasn't overweight (although I've apparently been called svelte) and then promptly lost my credit card, and realized that I had not brought my spare card either. Good thing I was given token of thanks the night before during pizza and drinks.

Got through security, almost did a Dr. T and left my laptop behind, but then my bag felt light so went through it and saw that laptop was missing. Eek. I went straight back to the security line up and there it was waiting patiently for me.

Scooped it up, got fish for Dr. K at the duty free then ran for the gate. Sadly, wasn't allowed to swank myself through because don't go no status anymore - boo.

But then something really quite lovely happened on board - two things actually. I sat down in my assigned street, and the flight attendant in my section came over, with a list in of names in her hand, She whispered my name questioningly at me, and when I said yes, she handed over a bottle of water and asked what my first choice of meal was so that she could set one aside for me. I found later that because of my status on AS last year, CX, a partner of AS, wanted to give me some special treatment to say thank you for flying AS so much. Lo, I do love status. Must. Get. New. Status. 2015.

Then they announced that the doors were closing, and goodness, there were two empty seats next to me. Yah. Perfect for a 13 hour flight. Anyway, the rest of the flights passed by in a blur - because I'm now officially addicted to True Blood - vampires all being nasty and blood-thirsty and so forth. Made it to KLIA where I had a 7 hour wait before my connecting flight to KCH. Was very sad to see that there were precisely 5 outlets available for charging batteries on phones, laptops and the like. Four of them were taken and so I grabbed the remaining one and sat on the floor to recharge. The hours ticked by although I was at least able to get some white coffee from Ipoh. Tried to sleep but the seats were taken up by a host of other travelers so walked and walked and walked and ruminated over my sins - more on this later.

Finally, the flight was called and I headed off and had my traditional Nasi Lemak on Malaysian Airlines' early morning flight from KL to Kuching. Got in, and for the first time in years, was stopped by customs, but fortunately they didn't dig down deep enough to find the ginseng and rosemary. Ham too.

Slept little that day as Dr. EK flew in at 3pm, and we headed off for a late lunch, then to the massage parlour where our heads and shoulders were kneaded and stretched. Nothing untoward, I'll say quickly because we were all dressed and sat in a roll while they worked on us. I thought it was a bit ironic, however, because we were at an establishment called "The Foot Master" but instead, there they were kneading and digging into our heads and shoulders.

Later that night, I went to the reunion organized for Thomians (from St. Thomas' School) born in 1964. Back in November last year, one MW and I had made contact again after more than 20 years - in fact in the same weekend, we googled each other - but I couldn't find him, but apparently my picture and academic page popped up right away. It was pretty neat-o; there i was on Sunday googling MW, then on Monday, I got an email from him. So - we reconnected and decided to get together for dinner, and then he invited a few others to join, and someone posted it on FB and before we knew it, there were 65 guests coming. On the night of the day that I arrived in fact. So there I was, and it was surprisingly fun in a surreal sort of way because I recognized a few in the close circle that i was in when in grade 5 and 6. And they recognized me and so we caught up, and I was very, very, very tired and jetlagged.

This last few days, I've been making arrangements to meet up with different people and all on a more private, one to one setting but am already running out of mealtimes and coffee times for these meetings. Have also done the usual get-togethers with the relatives. Especially with Aunt #1 who made me Buah Kruak chicken - don't ask, I couldn't even begin to explain and another chicken dish with St. John's Wort and ginger wine.

Now, next up - dinner tonight with MH, coffee with M and Ingky, tomorrow breakfast with B, run over to see HM's place, have lunch, then Saturday - a run with HM and breaky with assorted others, lunch at home, dinner with P who wants advice on Vancouver and so forth. Sunday breaky laksa with the usual crowd, lunch with mum and dad, then head off. See not much time to do much other than eat. Oh yeah, jet lag not quite over yet so also sleeping a lot. Eat and Sleep.

And some drama brewing back in Vancouver. But I shall ignore it.