Red balloons

Fraiser to his dad, Martin Crane: "When you get upset, imagine your anger as a red balloon. Let go of it, and watch it float away. There it goes, a little red balloon becoming smaller and smaller in the distance...".

This was because Martin Crane had been hooked up to a blood pressure monitoring device thing which took his BP randomly, and every time he got annoyed, the device would go off.

Very useful exercise today.

All small irritants today, but they add up. I'm very much tired of being cold when I wake up and having to deal with gloves, hats, bike lights, bike locks which bit you, bike stands that are badly designed, chains which fall off and oil stains. It takes far too long to get onto my bike.

I'm also fed up with a particular selfish idiot who thinks that the world revolves around him - why what a general description. Could be anybody, but no, I can see his beady little eyes darting around his sneaky face as he sees what he can get away with. I shall stop him yet.

The desiccated sea-cow is on the hunt again and I can only hope that the cow gets pushed into the interstitial  floor space where nobody will hear her lowing for a few months. Not that this will do the cow any harm as it's evolved to live off nothing.

Good meetings are managed well. Unfortunately, not many meetings are managed well and then I start thinking of multiple red balloons - it would put Nena to shame, the number of balloons I think of sometimes.

And I forgot to have lunch today. Damn. I'm cranky now so best go get some food before I snap and snap somebody's neck. Mind you, it'll be fast - I've had lots of practice at cervical dislocations with a pencil. Yes. Fast. No blood coming from the nose. I promise.

Drivers who are oblivious - I know, I know, I know - it's becoming boring listening to me go on about them, but what can I do, they keep popping up in my life when I least want them to. Apparently there was a study done showing that it doesn't matter how brightly lit you are, or how visible you are. What's more important is that there exists a 'them against us' mentality and because the us are not them, the them pay no attention to the us and that's when havoc starts. Why can't we all get along, and simply let me go first? Why indeed.

Right then it's the lack of blood sugar in me talking - could I perhaps have been stung by a cone snail without my knowing? Where are my fatty chunks of steak....Where?!

Or as Bridget might say (wail?), "why? why? WHY?!"