From the Mop and Pail (Canada's national Newspaper)

CANCER (June 22 - July 23):

You need to get tough today, firstly with yourself for being far too wasteful of late, then with those who seem to believe that you exist only to make life easier for them. Looks like they will be on a steep learning curve.

Must. Get. Tough. 

Yes - so true, been very wasteful of late. Spend, spend, spend - I bought two pairs of shoes and one pair of jeans and a pair of slacks for work! So extravagant. Also bought a whole bunch of packets of sambal, tea and coffee. Got more to come yet. Thinking of buying another pair of shoes. Should I? Should I? 

Also, been eating far too much and not doing enough exercise - ooh, that's a little smidgen of guilt trying to take root here. Must put it in a little white and blue car and let it drive itself away. Yes, very useful, lesson 4 of Headspace. Look and let it drive away. Buh-bye!

Even better is the second part of the horoscope: 

[Must get tough with] those who seem to believe that you exist only to make life easier for them. Looks like they will be on a steep learning curve.
Ya. Those who believe I only exist to make life easier for them are in for a shock. Ya. I'm not sure how yet, but I will find a way. Double Ya.
See if I don't. 

You know who you are. 

Oh, do I need to name names? Well, maybe some other day. The main thing is, the Pandering Stops Now.

Last night, I went out with MH and JY to Peach Gardens for a makan and again we traced histories. The best part of the history tracing? It brings back more and more images and memories of Primary 5 and 6. Lo, things were so much simpler then. There are lessons to be learnt here, and one of them is to not read between the lines, nor get fussed about the motives driving people, nor to give in to emotional blackmail. You may think I've slighted you, but I'd look in a mirror too. Believe me, this is the land of emotional blackmail where it's been honed to a very fine and subtle art. A single word and look can pierce whatever levels of armour you may have erected around your heart. It will get through all your defenses - how ever many laser shields you set up. Fortunately, I now have a little blue and white car waiting for the look, pop it in, set the gear to drive and away it goes. Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.

The thing is, you can't anticipate anybody's desires, thinking or manipulation - whether conscious or not. Actually, the important thing here is to recognize when there is manipulation at which point you look up enquiringly, perhaps quizzically at the manipulator, and smile neutrally and continue doing what is best for you - which is to say what you want to do - unless of course it hurts someone badly, or impinges on their freedom permanently. Even then, you should assess just how much the hurt or impingement will be caused by your actions, and 90% of the time, you should just do it anyway. If the purveyor of emotional blackmail is an adult, then best if they learn to not do it sooner rather than later. 

All this reminds me of Dr. S who used to link arms with me in the streets of Montreal and then shout at oncoming traffic to remind them that two highly educated and valuable workers of the knowledge industry were coming by and that all traffic should part in the face of our approach. Never worked of course, but it would have been nice if it had. 

Today, I have high hopes that Ingky will come by and take me for mango ais-kachang. I hope so. I hope so. I hope so.

I'm not going to swim either today because the sun is behind clouds and so I won't be able to let the sun kiss my skin. And that's okay - nothing to fret about - will let it go into another white and blue car and let it drive away. Vrooooom!

What else? What other little white and blue cars are there to let go into overdrive? The daily laundry is one. Vroom, vrroooooommmm! The damn bamboo pole on the balcony, the obsessive need to cover every single possible flat surface with something - we might need two cars for that - Double Vroooom!

Today, I must try and stop by Spring to do my own shopping as well. Have some underwear that needs replacing - socks too, especially the ones with toesies.

One thing i will not get though are the cocoons - you know, those sunglasses you put over prescription glasses. They're way too expensive here compared to MEC - the first time I've actually documented proof that something here is more expensive than there.

Right then, I should go do something being locked out of the City of Vancouver website. They insist that i put down as secret question, what is my favourite city - of course I've gone through my entire list of cities now and none is correct. I have my doubts about this site. Ooops - I know, another white and blue car. I can pay the night I get home - that should just about make it.

So - no more pandering. If I don't understand something, I won't say anything until I do. Jes? Jes? Jes!