Newish Content - all Can Con

Fuzzy head today - residual Drixoral, you see.

Still, I did crawl into the basement today to sniff isofluorane which made my head even fuzzier, and to mess around with metal tubes that may as well have been designed to snag tubes and trigger motor sensors which shut down the multi-million dollar machine we were using. Oh yes. The joys of using a research instrument at a beta site. The people at Apple would die just looking at it. They wouldn't know what to do.

Nonetheless, today was a small triumph because we figured out some figures for potential throughput that are based on real data and not numbers given by people who've not actually seen, much less worked with the equipment. I'm happy to say that 8 units can be processed per hour, or 32 units per 4 hour block which means about $9.40 per unit, which means we've broken through the $10.00 mark.

We can do better - I plan to quadruple the throughput in some cases which would then mean that we bring the per unit cost down to $2.35, which would make the boss very happy. Of course this is predicated on the first run being a bit longer due to the treatment planning that would have to take place, but you'd make up for it quickly enough. Ha. Take that. Doubters and haters who said that it would be impossible.

In an attempt to focus more at work, I will adopt some good habits henceforth:

  • Set three daily priorities
    • I will make a list of three things that absolutely must be done in the day, and cross them off. This shall make me feel good about myself, and that's important - feeling good about myself that is.
  • Reduce interruptions
    • This isn't so important at the moment because most of the student are working remotely, but if necessary, I will turn my phone off (gasp!) so as to not be distracted by pinging and disco lights.
  • Check e-mail less frequently
    • Very important thing to do. Why go looking for things to do when you don't have to do them right away?
  • Set a timer for projects and move on when the timer goes off
  • Leave the desktop tidy for the next day

Let's see how long I last. Tonight, I will start by cleaning up the desktop so it's tidy for tomorrow. That will be a good start. May as well since it seems like I've been cleaning for the last few weeks - including mopping the old fashion way. 

In other news, must learn to care less about things I can't do anything about. This includes doors that swing open randomly so as to make you walk into them, iso machines that use the dribble method for gassing up, and idiots who are oblivious to those around them and so get in the way. Must. Avoid. Being. Taken. Advantaged. Of.

Finally - horoscope for the day says:

Start planning your next major career move. The planets indicate that you know what you want and you know how to get it, so move fast and impress people in positions of authority. It won't be long before you are on the rise. 

Gee, can you say, No Pressure?

Who should I impress, and how fast should I impress them? That is the question. Okay, better go defuzz the head, but no running. This is an exercise free period of life for me. Like the people who eat voraciously before the first weigh-in in a weight loss competition so that they have more to lose, I must have something to exercise off so that when I do start the exercise, I will get instant returns and make myself feel good. Doesn't all this make sense? So seductively simple and works like a computer.