KLIA at 3am

It's not quite dead, but it's not quite alive. As Dr. J used to say, "Die also don't die, live also don't live.

Whatever the state of KLIA at 3am on a Saturday, it's pretty dire and a bit zombie like. In fact, very zombie like. There are a surprising number of staff wandering around - airport staff that is, not airline staff since the last flight leaves at 4:25am and then it starts up again at 7am - I should be on that flight if all goes well. At present, the impediment is a closed security check-in line for domestics  err, I mean domestic flights.

I am hoping that my luggage makes it. Actually, I'm sure it'll make it, but am not sure what state the contents will be in. You see, the very nice agent allowed me to repack my bag as it was over the limit (per bag limit) - and not only that, but he gave me a box and packing tape. Splitting the mass between two containers helped with the weight limit, but both containers now are a bit knock-about cos very little padding as I'd packed quite tightly.

Hopefully nothing is too squished. Be that as it may. I am past caring now.

This was a long flight. However, I've realized something - despite what the airline said, I was able to check my luggage all the way to my final destination even though my first stop of call is KL where normally you have (in most countries anyway) to go through customs and all that. But now since my final flight is an internal one, there should be no more checks and stopping to let people go through your bags for security, customs or whatever. It's all good. Anyway, what this means is that if I have to make this particular connection next time, I can check luggage through, get a boarding pass for the final leg which then means I don't have to exit the international terminal, and stay at the hotel there - you pay by the hour - and it's not as salacious as it might seem - so the night should be a bit more comfortable. As it is, I got in at 1220 am and my flight is at 7am, and the damn gates don't open till at least 6.

Very boring.

A bit of a hitch - mastercard has gone AWOL. Ooops.

Okay - must go look up some accommodations now.