Brrrrr - cold cytokines

Damn it. I hate it when I get cold feet. It's the dampness in the air what permeates my shoes and socks, and then sucks all the heat away. It's very soul-destroying. When my feet are cold, I can't concentrate.

My back also hurts. I don't get it. It's not like I did anything out of the ordinary.

There are days when it really doesn't pay to get out of bed. The good thing is, I'm not hungry - at least not yet.

Yesterday, stoats were agitated and made to declutter. They did an excellent job. So much so that maybe i'll set them onto my mind and apartment. Both need to be decluttered - maybe just get a lobotomy and be done with it.

How to be king of the world when you can't be even control your own life? This is why I need shiny, electronic gadgets. They distract me from the mess that is the world. If there were antibodies for cytokines, would I use them? Probably as long as they targeted the right family of cytokines and the antibodies were at the very least humanized to reduce the chances of an inflammatory reaction although if you're targeting cytokines, maybe this would all just work itself out.

Take G - he is his own world.  He has his own car, house and family and on the surface, all is well. But you wonder what secrets lurk beneath. This is true of most of us - there are always secrets and when they surface as with some who are overly bubbly at the wrong times, you get a shock. I wish I were immune to such shocks - it shouldn't shock me because quite frankly it's expected, but what's expected doesn't mean that it's actually expected if you know what I mean.

So in the end - why do I feel there needs to be a conclusion to this metaphorical meandering - shocking secrets or not, it's a matter of acceptance. You can't force or manipulate people into doing your will all the time, because that's a direct violation of the first agreement - they have to want to do it otherwise it's just not true - think of B and the alien what came down and sprayed A so A did what the spray dictated. B finally realized this, and when the Alien's spacecraft had been fixed, the Alien gave B another spray, and B used it on A and the natural order of things was restored because B saw the difference between want and duress. All very well for A, but what about B. Who gets to use the spray on B?

There will always be Bs and As in the world. You have no choice in what category you end up in. So Accept. And what bugs me know is that the B comes before the A.

Another irritant to accept - that and the gloomy grey skies. Perhaps it's time to buy a Nexus 6 and say screw it. Or more to the point, perhaps it's time to say screw it, and buy a Nexus 6.