Breaking Point

No, not the movie.

But my mind. Who knew the half-life of Drixoral was so long all of a sudden. Maybe I took two pills by mistake - they do look like green smarties after all.

My feet are also cold (physically, not metaphorically), and I hate it when they are cold because somehow this makes my brain completely doo-lally-loop and I can't focus on anything. However, I've taken steps to remedy this. I'm having a coffee washed down with a chocolate chunk cookie, or do I mean it the other way. No, I mean it this way. Dark chocolate generated antioxidants will help pierce viral membranes and make unfurl their DNA then they'll be all doo-lally-loop and be washed away when I cough and spit (but into somewhere appropriate).

What I would like to happen in the next little while - a list is never too far away from me - in no particular order.

Smokers to stop smoking and toss their butts around the entrance to The 683
Ditto the coffee drinkers who leave their cups on our entry-phone system thingy
Get a definitive answer on slides and sliders
Thaw out my credit card and get some new trousers - the ones I have just won't do anymore
Become best friends with Frank and Oak so they send me gifts
Clean the floors and get some lilies
Citrus and Flirtini seeds to arrive and be ready to go
Acceptance a la Shams and Rumi in "The 40 Rules" (but I'm not holding my breath)
A mega sale at London Drugs so I can get all that I need for the next trip
Red tape to go away and undergo combustion spontaneously
New pillows to miraculously appear
Flower spikes to appear soon before the plants are tossed - unless I can sneak them into G and G's for adoption
A home-hack to keep two chairs together
My lockitron dashboard to be updated, and soon

And if none of these should happen soon, then at least let me get through the little picky bits of administrative red tape that do nothing to make you or me safer, but only exist to keep certain people employed for no good reason.

Bah. That's the bane of my existence at the moment - red tape - literal and metaphorical. I must find a way to get around them and get to the essence of the matters and people at hand.