Vindictive Vegetables (or fruit) - who can remember.

Last Monday I had a few precious tubes of blood drawn from my fragile veins, and was most annoyed when the fire alarm went off during the consult. In order to avoid coming back a second time, the nurse shoved a plastic bottle at me and said, "quick, pee and then leave the building". So I did - peeing under duress is not easy. Anyway, I was glad for two things in the main - one that the alarm didn't go off as the needle went into the vein, and that the results came back negative so I'm perfectly healthy and don't have to do a Google search on horrible diseases and get all the psychosomatic symptoms - I'm very suggestible you know - and generally lounge on the couch and be consumed by consumption or worse. 
I'm less thankful for the wretched MODO member who made me lose 5 minutes of my life this past Sunday while I was still waiting for Monday's results. There I was, returning a van what had been used to deliver two lovely white seats to my apartment for a trial mock up. I was cutting it fine and drove the van into the parking lot with just minutes to spare. There are three MODO trucks there and so three parking spaces in a row. There was a blue truck being parked in the middle space, and the member was being very hesitant about driving into the spot. The member drove in and then opened the doors to check the white lines around the truck. Then the member got out of the truck, leaving the door wide open so I couldn't park, not that I would have since it's only common courtesy to wait till someone finishes parking before you drive into the spot next to them, and walked around the truck to check the distance between the truck and the white lines (all fine). The member did this not once, not twice, but three times. I was livid by the time the cow left. By the way the member looked, dressed and walked you could tell that this member had mental issues. How the member ever got passed and was given a MODO fob is beyond my comprehension. I would have willingly driven the member down and put the member out of the member's obvious obsessive compulsive need to be parked centrally. 

However, I'm incapable of that - I'm that kind. But really, three times.

Why are tomatoes and avocados so vindictive. There they sit on your counter, looking red and green, but not quite ripe one day, then you look around and the red of the tomato is blighted with a big bloom of grey, fuzzy mould, while the green has become black and the skin of the avocado is sunken and when you cut into it, the flesh is slimy. How this happens in the blink of my eye is one of the mysteries of nature. There's no two ways around it. It is just wrong that these happens more often than not. I'm sure it's because they're being vindictive and working hard not to be eaten so they trigger a rot-in-an-instant gene. The worst part is having to clean the surrounding area because anything that comes into contact with the surface on which the T or A has rotted will also rot. It spreads.

And there's all there is today. i have nuffink. Too tired from working out IKEA instructions the night before to think or say much.