minor irritations

In addition to people who get into an elevator with me and then press buttons for floors which are all below me, let me add the following:

  • The single spaghetti strand that stays stuck to the bottom of the pot after every other noodle strand is in the colander.
  • The drivers in front of you who approach an intersection ever so cautiously while the light is green, but then suddenly speed up when green becomes amber, and you're left to deal with a red light.
  • The cyclist who locks his bike so that it falls on you while you're parking yours in the adjacent spot.
  • The project manager who doesn't know how to manage his/her time, but expects you to jump anyway when they need something.
  • The bottles of liquid shoe wax (black) that suddenly pop open and decant (good word eh? eh? eh?) themselves INTO your shoe while your foot is still shod in said shoe.
  • The wireless networks that:
    • show up on your phone, but don't allow you to connect even though they should because well, because it's your work network for goodness sake!
    • show up on your phone, give you a connection, even an isp number but don't tell you their connection speeds are equivalent to that from a dial-up modem from the 1990s.
  • Steve Nash Fitness Clubs whose "personal training" areas grow 10% larger every day. Asshats. After all, it's the rank and file members who keep you in business. 
  • The size selection of clothing at Hell's Gate Mall.
  • Slobs who piss at the urinal while texting with one hand.
  • Slobs who miss the urinal and cover the floor with their piss because they're texting while pissing at the urinal.
  • Fire alarms which go off when someone is taking a blood sample from you - at the moment when the needle is being inserted into your already nervous and twitching vein.
  • The last grape in the bowl which is invariably bruised. 
  • Muffins that don't rise.
  • Kuih Sarang Semut which refuses to have sarang.
  • Signs at stores which say they have Unicef Christmas cards so you spend valuable time looking for them only to be told by a store clerk that they don't actually carry them. London Drugs, your standards are slipping - a little bit of me died inside.
  • Hidden taxes and shipping costs which suddenly double the cost of your original purchase.
  • Low sodium soy sauce - What is the point?!
  • Low fat cream of mushroom soup - again, WHAT is the point?!

Okay, it's time to go chow down.