Last day of the year

In the summer of 1987, I was introduced to P, an 11 year old boy who'd been diagnosed with moderate autism. He was relatively sociable, and his main passion in life were calendars. He was fascinated with dates and the days of the week. You could give him a date and he'd tell you what day of the week the date fell on. We wanted to bring him down to the pub and make money with him, but camp regulations prohibited this.

In any case, on the last day of the camp, someone fed him a date in the future and he came up with the day, and then added, "And that's when the days stop".

The crowd fell silent; we all turned to P with some trepidation, thoughts of the world's end swirling through our heads. Someone asked him what happened after the day, and he said quite blithely, that the days started again, and we started breathing again. Well, you never know do you! In any case, I kept a record of the date and was a little bit apprehensive when it came, but what do you know, P was right, and the days started after that day.

This whole long preamble - just to say that today is New Year's Eve and it's not a big deal to me. Tomorrow is another day. But Happy New Year anyway to those of you who celebrate and imbue such days with significance. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I've never liked the end of the year - there's too much of an accounting feel to it - what have you done, what are you going to do, has it been worth it this far and so forth. So i don't do any accounting, it's not my job - at least accounting for my own year anyway. Overall, without going into details, there have been many good things about 2014 and I shall try to be glad for all that has happened. The good stuff is as always a bonus, and the bad stuff, while bad at the time has always been a learning experience which will hopefully engender more good stuff to come.

To end my posts, I shall briefly describe the single best day and experience of the year. The day in question came after two days of doubt and anxiety - silly really because doubt and anxiety don't do much for you. In the backdrop of all this, I remembered that a phone call was made which preceded the two days of anxiety and worry. That helped, but also added to the anxiety - LOOK, this is my story, I'll tell it as I see fit.

The day when it all came together, it was sunny and there were waves of air and water which blew and billowed. The sun warmed my eyelids, the air filled my head and the water washed away lingering doubts and I remembered thinking, it doesn't matter - the sun, air and water is what I have now and that is all that matters for the moment. I dropped all pretense at anything and to just be, and I did, and I was. And it was a satisfying moment. The house of Saint Angelo was also involved, and this is where I digress. For as long as I can remember, I've had this dream of a small unassuming house on a hill, and when you enter the door, it's a restaurant; you wander down some hallways and suddenly walk onto a terrace where there is a beautiful, breath-taking view of rolling hills before you. It's night, and you see the twinkle of lights on the hills, it's warm but there's a gentle breeze blowing. There is food and drink if you want it and it's all good, happy and you feel safe. The important thing about this whole scene is that I was the one who arranged this, the one who found the unassuming restaurant with the view and arrange the event, whatever it is. Well. On this day, this vision was turned around, and it was done with me in mind, for me and only me. That was a surprise, having a dream I've had for a while come true but inverted - which was even better.

So with the end of this year - I will remember this event because I was apologetically and unreservedly happy, and didn't care about anything else in the word because I was there in the moment that someone else had created for me. Badly explained, but that's alright. It's enough to remind me of what happened.