Sometimes I follow my instincts. Not often though because instincts are often simply plain wrong and I don't like being wrong unless I'm behaving wrongly in private. Oh, KB will jump all over this, but then again, I do have to give him a little bit of this and a little bit of that because he seems so unhappy with the state of his telephone. Poor little D. All the cache wiping and factory resetting doesn't seem to help and then he becomes frustrated. No point time telling he should have got an N5 like the boys in the know, because as he puts it, N5s are 'boring'.

Now where was I? Instincts oh yes - not following them and all that. I don't feel like adding to the blogosphere (I can hear - the shouts of joy now - but they'll be sadly disappointed - because I am going with my instincts and adding to the blogoshpere today. Just a few consonants and vowels.

We had the first snow of the season today, and the temperatures fell. I suppose this must happen eventually as it is the end of November and December beckons, and with the change of months, another cycle of bills start - and yes, that's right that's the other thing I was going to do today - set the transaction record straight. Must. Remember.

Of late I've not been waking up very well. The urge to roll over and sleep for another 5 minutes when the alarm goes off is becoming stronger with each passing day. I put it down to the lack of light in the early morning, except that this morning it was a sunny morning, and I well knew that but still rolled over and fell asleep again anyway. I may have to dig out the needles again and prick myself on the thumb to get the adrenaline going. After all, if you have white sheets, the last thing you want to do is get blood on them in the morning so you'd have motivation to get out first thing in the morning. What you do in between, well, that's neither here nor there.

I've returned to KM's company while on my runs and she's been very good about coming back and just getting on with it. What else is she going to do anyway?

Now for some truly random associations:

Summer can pop up at the most unexpected moments, and what you do in those circumstances is smile politely and try to keep the smile from becoming too smug because you know quite well that integrity is completely on your side. The key to a harmonious state of being is to always ensure that everyone has the right keys to their state of mind. Failing that, you commit a mental map of how Kingsway St. fecks up the grid system around Main St. so that you don't have to grit your teeth while being M. Pieds Lourdes while going the opposite direction to which you should be going. Right. Key. Right. SOM. That's all there is to it. I must also shake this feeling that all is for naught because some of it is not for naught, but for good. There are slow starts, and then there are glacial starts. The sound of birds project has been glacial for better or for worse. Mind you, much of it has been out of my control but some came back to my control and so now we have two goals and may the goals be achieved to get the children under some semblance of control and may the goals also support the protection we must get in place soon. Who knows, this may one day get me enough for a nice cup of coffee somewhere. We can only hope. Hope - without hope, there'd just be more slog. It's neither here nor there really. Mr. Mantt was around recently and he asked questions which I thought I'd never hear again. So i didn't pay attention and didn't answer properly. I don't know what to think about Mr. M to be honest. He's sometimes very sage, and other times completely out of whack. Maybe this says more about me than him. Who knows. It's a bit late to think about this now. The colour green is predominant in this province - a dark green that can look almost black, as in black hearted knight which was so improper even though JSH wasn't the one who reprimanded me. Those days are far and far away now though - "Malaysian pineapples are not the best, but they are cheap and sweet". Lo, what of the pineapples these days - you only get watered down essence of pineapple just like you do naked nasi lemak. Now that was an unfortunate mistake.

And there ends the random associations for now. I'd best get this out while my computers are still working. Things have been going on the fritz since the last Windows update.