Complex living

I'm happy today because I just found Jann Arden's version of At Seventeen.

I must also simplify my life (and finding Jann Arden's version of At Seventeen is a good start). There are too many things to remember. It's cold and rainy out, and I bike to work. This means that in addition to getting my lunch (being frugal you see) together before I head out, I have to find my toque to protect my sensitive ears, my gloves to protect my refined tapering fingers (but only the gloves that can activate my smartphone screen), my keys (two sets), my headphones (which I fortunately remembered were elsewhere before I started hunting high and low), my wallet, my rain jacket, my rain pants only to have a crisis of faith and think about taking the bus which means a whole different outfit, only to change my mind again.

Lord, whatever rest home takes me in later in life (much later, one hopes) will have plenty to deal with.

Anyway - in order to simplify my life, I shall put everything on the floor at work onto the desk tops because they are coming in to clean, and 'they' have issued orders that things be raised off the floor, and so I shall raise things, and highlight the spot on the carpet on which the liquid shoe wax (black) spilt. Then I shall sit down with some heat shock proteins and try to understand what it is that people have done, and what implications what they have done has on how I'm going to proceed with or without (hopefully without) academic malfeasance.

Once that's done, I may go to the Bay to find raw jeans. Apparently they're on sale, and we shall see whether they pass muster...probably not for there are discerning eyes which are always around, which will probably not find any fault with those who dress well, but alas, I don't - see remark about rest homes in later age (hopefully, much later).

This weekend is going to be a mixture of anxiety and silly fun because I shall try and make CT go       check out some penguins with me - the penguins of Magadascar that is. The anxiety will come because I'm expecting some news on Monday - why they can't let me know on Friday so I'm not left hanging in limbo over the weekend is completely beyond me. We shall see, I broke down and read three horoscopes this morning, two are for a good weekend/day, one is for a cautious one. Thus the overall aggregate isn't too bad.

Maybe it means I should make one more attempt at finding the original recipe for Kuih Sarang and try again to get some real holes in the cake from my childhood what I'm trying to rediscover for myself.

Oh, then to get some things from you know where for you know who in you know where. I've made some decisions which is the first step. Once that's done, life will also simplify. Then to go hammer out some harapans, talk to Dr. K and life will be even simpler. Then once we have the PD-FL meeting, I go through the SARRP training, stain some little dots, freeze them and figure out what to tell old Blue-Eyes what make BK swoon (although he denies ever swooning) and hopefully take down a few shells which have bugged me ever since I saw them - oh - and hang up some pictures - but this means I need to go to IKEA - maybe I should ask KB for a ride? - and then life will be best and syiok-lah.

Okay - to deal with some heat shock proteins, although the way I'm feeling now (cold and chilled to the bone), it's highly unlikely they're activated in my body.