The breakdown continues

Breaking down papers and projects to the bottom line for neophytes. Wow. What a rush.

It's the start of the bird project (take note +Luke Halpin) that it's not feathered birds, more like the sound of birds in a state of agitation. There will be noble metals, slick oils and poisonous compounds to whip into shapes (no error here), then we'll energize them and see them whizz around doing all manner of good things. We hope.

Other things that are breaking down include the vent over the stove which is being tarted up with a damper or sorts. This has been brewing for a while and Mr. A is now in the building to tart them up. Of course to tart anything up, you have to break them down first and i'm hoping that he's the sort who can put things back together after breaking them down into their components. The sound of little screws falling out of their holes and bouncing about and rolling into tiny cracks and crevices kinda scare me...but overall he seems to know what he's doing. I'm also the fourth unit he's done so he's had practice (tee hee hee) on the other units.

Breaking down - entropy is a way of life that should be embraced. There is no other choice really so you may as well just accept that things will break down, and that they won't get any better. Now is not the time to ask questions about what one would do if the earth was only going to be around for another 24 months. Actually, that wouldn't bother me too much if the whole earth was going to go ka-blooey and just disintegrate into a bunch of asteroids that litter the cosmos. After all, if everyone goes, then what's it to me? Now, if it was me who had to go - it's like the one leaving the party early  because you are on call, or have to get to work - now, that'd be harder to take. But yes, we're not going there.

Other things being broken down here - the barbeque is half-way there, then the rain started so now it's only half-way broken down and wet which is a bit of a pisser. However, this is a minor issue really as all I have to do is to fire it up, let it dry off and then put it away. Oh wait, I have to clean it first - since it's a plain metal one, I've been told by the purveyors of Weber (not directly of course but via youtube) that you just spray WD-40 all over, wipe it down and Bob's your Uncle. Of course, I'm just thinking now...spray with WD-40 and then fire it up....what could possibly go wrong?

I'll report back in a bit shall I? My eyebrows need trimming after all...