No pink sticks today.

And I don't mean the version from Cats neither. Was it cats who never forget, or was it elephants? Hard to remember when your toes are cold. But are they cold because of a draft, or because they are anticipating the run that I must do today - for oh so many reasons - and none of them mundane like losing weight. In fact, that's the least of reasons for the run. It's all got to do with tests and examinations demanded by certain surveillance groups. So there you go - run, go do the test, then sit back and wait for the e-mail what will give me access to my results.

Today is November the 16th, and last year on this same day, there was a party at my place to meet and greet the neighbours. There were dim lights, there was music, then I left the mess to simmer overnight while I answered a call and then in the intervening years, I've been bing-bonging but there's less bing and less bong now. Call it numbness, call it acceptance, call it an OTA upgrade, call it whatever you will. I wonder - the one-handed man in The Fugitive, was he left-handed, I mean was the missing arm the left or the right one? Who's to know and who really cares at this point in time - the point of this point in time is that I'm a little further along in my acceptance of the fate dealt to me (mostly because I'm too lazy to change the fates - look - who's got the time?).

Ah well, things have evolved since then, and I can tick one item off my bucket list because I've not (I say this proudly) fist-bumped a one-handed man, and not with his fist, but the hook on his prosthesis. Yes. It was the highlight of that particular evening and there were a few although I wonder whether it's better to have the occasional highlight (and corresponding down) or whether it's just easier to live on a plateau like how I imagine T and T to do. Then again, it's almost a certainty that flat-line-emotional inducing drugs are involved there and I doubt that I could do a chemical Frances Farmer.

Ah well, that's that for this particular line of remembering. I shall move on and create new things to remember. After all, that's what we're all programmed to do isn't it? Move on and remember new things. So maybe that's what I'll do today. Take out the soil, leave the barbeque alone to ponder its greasy sins, wash my hands, not do the test till tomorrow - the buhloody e-mail hasn't arrived yet anyway. Nor the PIN. So. Why. Bother.

Right then - another wasted opportunity, but life is full of that anyway.