Laundry - I'm washing white sheets and towels today and will use the hot cycle. It's exciting because I don't normally use hot water in the machine to conserve energy and help prevent these wild weather swings  we have. You know, everyone must do their bit.

However, it's a few days past my second anniversary in the shoebox what has vistas and it's important that you do a cycle with hot water every now and again to clean out the tubes and plumbing in the washing machine. Otherwise you can have crud and nasty soap bits stuck to the insides (much like blood vessels exposed to too much cholesterol etc) and then before you know it, tubes burst, water flows, the downstairs neighbours get irate, and the insurance brokers rub their hands and your premiums go through the roof.

Not that they haven't already - the company I used last year raised their premiums 26% for no good reason. Fortunately, the broker was able to find a cheaper quote, so I took great pleasure in signing the cancellation of coverage notice for the former.

Cheap thrills you see - washing white sheets and signing cancellation notices - make a boring life a little bit more exciting.

Otherwise, not much as been happening except that the weather has been very grey and wet recently. We did have a slightly warmer and drier day yesterday, but I don't expect it to last very long, and in fact the clouds are already rolling in.

Last night I had noodles - instant noodles - as a treat because I've been craving them for a while. I wanted to treat myself because, well just because. A few weeks ago, I had done to me what I do to other little ones (although to be fair, I've not done that in almost a year) and like the little ones, there was a bit of bated breath waiting for the results to come rolling in. Anyway, the results came in yesterday and I was quite pleased with them - very textbook like, the results were. So that's one less thing to think about.

Then Dr. J asked impertinent questions and fortunately I had the statistics to back up my answer. Not that it'll shut him up. I must work on something else - and Oh. No. I've made a pact with myself to not use, how shall i say, certain deterrents (not detergents) against him. No asparagus to be cast I'm afraid. I'll just have to threaten him silently.

The noodles, they made me sleep well last night - so much so that I gave up on waking for a while. All this is good because I am tired and so the extra sleep will help me repair tissues and skin and muscle so I can tear them down again in a run today. I'm going for a run, yes I am because Run Keeper demands that I do so today, but instead of doing it a la PAP, I think I'll have to do my own because I have been asked to go see a show tonight. Yes, imagine! An invitation to a show! How lovely.

But to do this without guilt, I shall have to lay down my plot to ensnare the bird of paradise what keeps walking around teasing the look-a-like stallion (who isn't used to being teased like this and gets impatient) and me so that we get the information we need, and the promises made by the little bird like voice. See if I don't get what I want.....Just you wait, Henry Higgins.

Right then, now to go stir the pot of white sheets so that they come out pristine white...