Grey bleah

Today is a 3, if not 4, coffee day - and that's just to get me started.

Somewhere along the line, I've morphed from a morning person (all those early morning drives into town to go marketing back in SDK in the gold beetle) into a night owl who can't face the morning.

It is sad, but maybe this is because we turned the clocks back this weekend so the days become darker sooner now. The rain what comes down sans cesse doesn't help either.

Yesterday - went out and was rained on, then saw Mommy, the new film by Xavier Dolan. Good in its own way but really the main effect on me was to affirm my desire to only watch happy movies. The movie was intense and then we went out, beaten down by cinematic reality of what life could be like, for a tea, and I was given ginger in place of earl grey while Dr. J got milk in soy. Yes. you read that right.

The day before, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day with a morning of sneaking around to avoid people, a duck confit breakfast with kale mixed in then an afternoon malnning (a combination of run, walk and meander) in the mountains to exercise the lungs, the eyes and the rascal. Waking up to see the sun streaming through several doorways was a definite highlight - knowing that there was a dry day is always helpful in waking one up.

The day before that, was Halloween and was highlighted by artificial and authentic costumes. There is a fine line between trying too hard and just doing something on the spur of the moment. As a result, I ended up in the Ivanhoe because we couldn't manage to stomach the former. And after the Ivanhoe, there was a segue into watching Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula - all red flowing velvet and silks - who knew Wynona Ryder looked so much like Keira Knightly back in the day - a most appropriate move for Halloween.

The days before that were not particularly remarkable except for one failed plate of nachos - they tried to hard to tart it up - and a second plate of nachos which were much better, even if the cheese could have been vegan.

And that was the week that was, and here we are in the new week - let's see what it brings other than dubious salads and even more dubious oatmeal-apple cake like things.

I have nuffink. Nuffink I tell you.