Food and Focus

Elevator access to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors should be blocked. That I work on the 5th floor is purely, PURELY, coincidence.

Nothing more irritating than being the one who gets off on the 5th floor when people come in and press, the button for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor. Well, except for the one guy who was going to the 6th floor. Poor him, but I have less sympathy for him, than for myself.

There is a delivery coming for me from Purolator today. Damn. This is what will happen. I will attend the appointments that I have today and they try to deliver. In fact, my prediction is that they will deliver 5 minutes before I get home. Want to make a bet on this? The last time Purolator claimed to deliver, they left without any notice because the buzzer number wasn't on the address - when asked why they didn't look it up, they said, "our drivers don't have the time to look at directories". What BS.

Food intake this weekend was nothing short of embarrassing. There was a surfeit of food. On Friday evening, I went to see Late Company with the redoubtable and sometimes scary (if you're an actor) Mr. CT - premise: a reconciliation dinner between two sets of parents whose kids' interactions resulted in the death of one - what could possibly go wrong? - and there was cheese, crackers, bread and pickles at the reception. We grazed like rabid wilderbeest who'd been starved for weeks. I went home and ate dates and raisins. On Saturday, there was a tap-tap and request for BEC (bacon, eggs and coffee) so I went along and had all three plus jam and potatoes. Following that, there was an expedition to that scary place, Crate and Barrel, where in total, we managed to spend almost a thousand dollars (fortunately, my share was about 3.5%) in 3 hours. Being exhausted after this expedition, we supped on an almond croissant, a chocolate brioche and a cinnamon bun (with icing slathered on it) and washed it down with coffee. I then had an apple for some fibre. Then another tap-tap and a request for a run over bridges - two this time - and some fizzy water with juice to prepare for the Bucks Fizz to come on Sunday. Home, a sauna/spa moment then chicken potpie but without the pie. Chicken Pot I guess is the best description. On Sunday, preparations were made for a smoked salmon/avocado/cheese/egg thing with assorted vegetables and grains - all yellows and red with a soupcon of green. Then the dirty bakers made cookies and banana bread, while I did the more advanced course and went for Kuih Sarang Semut which failed as the Sarang only came about at the bottom and the top. Six eggs wasted. It still tastes fine, but it lacks the required textures. That was also dinner for the rest was lunch. Exhausting is all I can say.

One observation - of late, making food has felt heavy handed. Things don't taste as they should. I think my taste buds have been over loaded with salt and sugar so must put them on a starvation diet on bland food. Bring on the semolina and oatmeal. There was a year when I had no added salt or sugar to my food, and eating out was a revelation because everything tasted too salty or sweet. I must get back to that because when your taste buds are not addled with salt and sugar, plums taste like plums and lemon tastes tangy and crisp, not sour and bitter - or perhaps I'm confusing that with my inherent cynicism.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Focus is the goal.
Focus is the password.
Focus is the intent.

Focus is another aspect of life that has been lacking of late. I shall impose another set of excessive rules on myself just to torture myself and to assuage the protestant work ethic which has been lacking of late recently. I shall yet drive myself to a therapist. See if I don't.

Right then. Must make arrangements to head to my next appointment. Vulpine weather, although it (the weather) looks more like Overwhelm Vulpine weather.

Need some shoes too. Now Focus.