The maw

The maw of life is huge, dark, dank and surrounded with sharp teeth. This is what it feels like sometimes. Something snapping at your behind while you try and keep up with what needs to be done.

Sharp teeth, pointyness and number, are of course relative as is dark and dank. Compared to many maws out there, my personal maw of life is relatively innocuous consisting mainly of too many cars with aggressive drivers on the roads, and jeans that don't fit in one way or another. This was my lot today after taking the sprog for a walk up the hill into her own maw (homework consisting of writing thank you letters to volunteers and cleaning flour off her hamsters).

I had to fight the urge to go onto Amazon and use prime to ship everything to me by Wednesday. There are things I want to fill the void in my life. To wit:

  • A Bose bluetooth sound link speaker - the question is whether I get the mini (smaller, cuter, more portable) or the III (larger, better bass response and volume).
  • A USB security key for Chrome because I like keeping up with the techies.
  • A Chromebook Pixel.
  • A Nexus 6.
  • A Moto 360.
  • A pair of jeans that fit properly.
  • Lamp wicks.
  • Bags of soil.
  • A tank of CO gas (Helium would work too).
  • An armband for the Nexus 5 but maybe I should wait for the Nexus 6?
  • A J-class ticket for YVR-HKG-KUL-KCH and return.
  • Eggs.

However, I was very practical and didn't get any of these things, but instead plunked down good money for a 4-way coat consisting of an outer shell, a down liner that is reversible, all of which make up four possible looks: 1) Outer jacket alone for those coolish days; 2) Outer jacket and liner for those cold days; 3) Liner alone for a mild day; 4) Liner reversed for a consecutive mild day when you don't want people to think you wear the same clothes all the time.

I'm so clever.

Karma can bite. There I was at the Safeway parking lot walking towards the Sprog's red beetle, laden with groceries. I had parked in the second of three parking lots the first being a bit too short for the beetle - in truth, it shouldn't have been advertised as a parking spot. When I came back, however, a Toyota pick up pimped up to look more macho was in the short parking spot and in order to get in, the driver had parked at an angle and come very close to the Sprog's red VW so close that it was difficult even for me and my svelte figure to open the door of the VW. I muttered under my breath, mostly because there was a plethora of parking spots around.

Then as I was putting my bags away in the boot, there was a THUD! Much like the sound of a heavy boot being placed hard and fast on someone's fat and flabby ass (obviously not mine). And lo there it was, a young girl in sunglasses, driving dad or mum's big Ford F150 truck with tinted windows had backed into the pimped up Toyota and left a large dent in its back. Not surprising that it happened as it was night and the young girl was obviously doing a Corey Hart impression (surprising that she even knew who he was), and probably wasn't used to handling such a big truck.

She came out and went "oooh!" at me. I looked at her, shrugged my shoulders and said, "Not my truck", got into the Sprog's red VW and drove off laughing, but not too hard in case the Karma Gods dealt out a slice for my lack of respect.

Anyway, yesterday or a few days ago at any rate, I sent a letter to the future - the distant future - 6 years by mistake and wonder whether I'll get it back now. If i don't it's a moot point because I've already forgotten what i wrote about. Must have been important...or not...

What else? I'm in limbo right now. I've done most of what I need to do except to finish up on a few papers which I need to read and to update another CV (Lor! CVs are not easy to deal with!).

What happens next will happen whatever I think, say or do. So I may as well just go about my life and do what is proper for me. This way, I have no choice but to behave with integrity and give myself no reason to take anything personal.

It would be nice to stop up the maw of the internal voice what keeps carping at me, and telling me what I should do rather than being supportive.

Ah well. I'm good at ignoring things I don't want to see or hear....