Sanubari baru

From one pothole to another, from the frying pan to the fire, from the noose to the chair, from the first circle to the second and so forth.

Mrs. D thinks as she sets out on her daily trip to purchase flowers - God, what a waste of my time, she thinks about the bitch Virginia - what fresh hell awaits me - partly channeling Dorothy Parker. Instead of getting flowers, I'd much rather get smart serum to repair the cracks and peeling facade of this old building and I don't think that Mrs. D will actually get flowers this greyish day. Instead, she will sit at home and drink tea instead. Lovely hot tea with freshly buttered crumpets.

This journey called life continues and while it might be as hell to Mrs. D, it is important to realize that hell comes in many forms, shapes, sizes and degrees of suffering. A quick look around the world tells you this, as do pictures of people once young, but no longer so - the sadness comes in seeing how past ability is ground down by age and gravity.

So, Mrs. D senses a fork in the path (who's been so careless as to drop silverware onto the ground now?!) where she can forsake the flowers and drink tea, or forsake the tea and nurture the flowers, or maybe drink tea AND nurture the flowers.

There are three sides to this of course, possibly more for few things are black and white save in some forms of physics, and mostly in quantum energies, as most things and situations exist in shades of grey, spectra of this and that.

Something happens - doesn't matter what - but the crux is that events are NOT GOING THE WAY YOU WANT THEM TO.

You can then react viscerally - say what fresh hell this is, forsake the flowers and drink tea in hot sweet slurps. What will likely happen then is that you burn your tongue and the roof of your mouth and aren't able to taste anything for days if not weeks, AND you have no flowers to gaze upon to soothe your soul - I speak of course of flowers that are sourced locally or grown by your own good self so there's no guilt involving jet fuel, carbon emissions and the like. So in the end, you will end up not tasting anything, seeing or smelling any flowers and life would be worse than boring, it would be banal.

You can pour the hot tea down the sink and focus on the flowers but really, this would be a delusion that things proceed normally and that it'll all be the same the next day with lovely, lovely flowers surrounding you. The problem with this is that you have no tea to sip while gazing upon the lovely flowers which because you're getting them daily, will eventually have to be flown in from exotic locales and then before you can say Bob's your uncle, the flowers are as blood flowers, stained with the carbon emissions that prevent more flowers from being grown and then before you know it, there you are - neither flowers nor tea. What comfort then? I ask? What comfort then, indeed.

The third option consists of having your tea and going out to get the flowers regardless. But of course, you let the tea cool before you drink it, and you don't slurp it. Rather you sip it contemplatively so that when you do go out to get your flowers, you choose carefully and go for quality rather than rank quantity. This way, you then have long-lasting flowers that nurture your soul or days on end, and you can enjoy them with the perfect cup of tea. This way, you don't burn the roof of your mouth, nor your tongue and you have guilt-free flowers to gaze upon. That's the best way to have your cake and to eat it when all is said and done.

After all, it's not as if anybody has control over anything since pretty much every thing tends towards entropy and you'll never control entropy, you can only delay it.

So enough about flowers and teas.

For the record, I had a cup of tea (no sugar) and planted some Oriental (the only context in which you can use this word these days) Lilies so I'm well-placed to have my cake and to eat it too as the future unfolds. What was it that Dr. Ah Siaw said, "Must have do what you really want to do in order to have fabulous life so that all will be fabulous one way or another". To which I might add that a cup of tea never hurts as long as it's not toxic burdock tea.

So there you go - another disaster/drama talked down. There was more drama last night as there always is when the two bluebirds what like shiny objects get together. Good lord, so much could be avoided if people were to just talk and accept that things aren't always the way you want them to be (the theme of this post apparently, but not a Susan Apparently). And although I say drama, when I step back and take a look at the apparent drama while sipping on a cup of tea and simultaneously dreaming about the lilies planted in well-drained, rich soil, it's not really drama of my own doing and I should just look at it briefly, acknowledge it and move on.

The key to having your tea and flowers is to not demand too much, be content with what you have and accept what you receive with gratitude. If nothing else - from they day of the tantrum over the missing color pencils - good lord, what was that about - I can still remember the intensity of the anger, the disappointment and upset over the missing pencils and for what? Maybe it was just the body's reaction to a flood of new growth hormones. God, that was an embarrassing moment - thank youth was an excuse back then. Must remember this the next time little one has a tantrum (although she's not really had one in a while).

Okay, we shall see how long this philosophical bent of mind lasts - hopefully longer than the flowers procured and the effects of the drunk tea.

In short, feck it [the events that you have no control over]. It's not worth fecking worrying about, and I'll only get more worry lines which will take gallons of smart serum to smooth out.

Right then. The clouds are coming in. Most. Excellent.