Read a news article about some fitness trainer in the US who put on 70 lbs to better understand his clients' state of mind, and then lost it all again, and then wrote a book about the experience - he's apparently doing the talk show circuit now. Now why did i think of this? Maybe because I'm looking for an excuse to not do any exercise and just eat myself silly.

Then again, maybe it's the skies turning grey and the air appreciably cooler. It could also be that I had some sleepless nights and finally got some good sleep last night.

There are things whirling out there (not orbiting, Dr. J, but whirling and never shall the whirl and the orbit meet in any kind of significant, in so much that anything associated with me is significant, way) and whirl they will. Like the leaves will when the winds blow and speaking of fallen leaves, I must collect some to keep the worms warm. Warm Worms. Lovely thought isn't it?

I've recently started reading Julian B's tome on the fear of dying and don't feel particularly reassured by what he has to say. Thick rubber gloves, cottonwool in the ears and a smear of vaseline on the glasses to emulate old age. Not quite the same thing really.

I've also been reading about the merits of detachment - not retinal - but detachment from nastiness so as to boost self-esteem and therefore become the kind of insufferable self-confident twat who goes around smiling with white teeth - why do confident people always seem to have white teeth? Why indeed?

I hear that Pluto has become a planet again. Good for it. I'm sure it'll orbit the sun with a lighter spring in its heart. I'm glad for Pluto's sake - I really am.

I'm not so glad for other planets though because their gravitational forces are making it difficult for me to slog through the day. It's very annoying having physical forces that make it difficult to take steps throughout the day. Imagine having walking on velcro with velcro on the bottom of your shoes. Is it any wonder that I would live to walk barefoot some days? One day, I shall break these surly bonds or succumb to the forces pulling me down into the Mitfordian lagoons of azure (the last of the Mitford sisters just died by the way). Which ever it is, I will survive it. Of this I am sure. Because to be honest, and just between you and me, humans were never built to remain the same - that is to like the same things, to tolerate the same things nor even to think the same things. So there you go. One day, all the sameness will go away. Besides, with age, you forget, so lah lah lah it doesn't really matter. Just do what you believe to be right - right for you that is, not someone else whether planet or pseudo planet.

As for watermelon eating - never, never, never.

Eating pizza though? Well, funnily enough I had a yen to have pizza last night and it looks as though my wish will be fulfilled tonight. Yes. I think that's what I'll do. The question is whether I want to go for a short run tonight or not given that the present motivation to do anything is quite lacking.