Life's a jammy bastard

There was an article in CNN yesterday where a chaplain who worked in a hospice talked about the one thing that the dying most regretted. And that was not accepting their body fully, and being swayed by society and advertising agencies to think that their body shape, weight, look were unacceptable. The most common thing the chaplain heard was that they wished they'd danced more.

So true, and so sad that this regret even exists.

Sleeping even more these days and dreaming more again. Last night I dreamt of a razor blade, one of those big monster ones that show up in horror movies. This was a result of reading Patricia Cornwall novels before bedtime. She has a tendency to be graphic in her descriptions and so obviously made a big impression on me.

Or maybe it was Occam's razor. Yes. I like that - it makes my dreams sound less visceral and more philosophical and generally more genteel as befits me. This is my post, I shall say what I want. Ppppthhh.

And what is my hypothesis? Well, basically that the simplest reasons are probably the ones closest to the truth. And the truths are likely to be staying busy, giving self time and possibly going into hibernation. So must focus (like always) on what I would like/need to do at the moment. At this point in time, the task is to empty the mind. Then to empty the body all of which will bring some semblance of peace to my mind. Or at least that's the idea. Not sure that it will work though, but worth a shot anyway. Anyway, best to keep it simple. Not that Simple isn't Complex.

Cathay Pacific - decisions - dates and finances - and miles. Miles and miles and miles.
Bluetooth speakers - more decisions.
Remember that peace is in the mind, not in ancient streets, however charming.
Long-term vs. Short-term and should you even think in these terms anyway?
Reasons aren't really all that relevant when it comes to the self.
Make decisions based on what you know which means must call AS and CX. There are times when I wish to be filthy rich so as to not worry about costs.

It's all good. Things don't change that quickly and I've not done anything - shouldn't actually because it's still in the innoculation/incubation stage.

On the other hand, I've pretty much done what I needed to do save for some reading and the dreaded CV.
Then gotta check out some schools. After all, can't let the sun's orbit determine everything now can I? It's necessary that I have my own routine and own orbit after all. Because I'd hate to come back to this life with regrets.

So there you go, philosophical thought, random ranting or rationalization? You decide.

I'm off to make pineapple jam for the sprog.