Bored in Seattle

Today, I'm in Seattle waiting for my connecting flight home. I was in Oakland to visit the sprog and make HRH Nigella's Chocolate cake, noodles and pineapple tarts. This is what i do now apparently. This is my role in her world now.

All those goodies are now done and I'm on my way home to fave the rain, gray and gloom. Bleah. Already it's raining like there's not tomorrow:

The sun'll come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
there'll be sun
Just thinkin' about tomorrow
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow till' there's none
When I'm stuck in the day that's grey and lonely
I just stick up my chin and grin and say oh
The sun'll come out tomorrow
So you got to hang on
till' tomorrow, come what may!
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow
You're always a day away!

 Not that it'll really be sunny tomorrow, but what the hey - thinking about tomorrow always makes these lyrics pop into my head, for better or for worse.

I have 70 minutes before the gate opens, and they board the passengers. I'm on the border of being hungry. Should I get 1) overpriced nachos at the nearby pubby restaurant, or 2) get fries and a nasty burger at Burger King? 

What, oh what should I do? To eat a burger what's been made from overly medicated cows stuffed on corn, or corn chips smothered in cheese. Or maybe I should just go have a whole-wheat bagel with a  smidgen of butter and some marmite. 

All things considered, I think the burger to win out. I'll ask for more extra lettuce...yesss...

This is how bored I am. I almost spent 99.00 on a portable charger because I forget to bring my charger cable with me, and my little (compared to the N6) Nexus 5 is also hungry for power. I've shut it down now so that I have power when I land to book a car2go...unless i decide to go the whole hog and get a cab. I just might if it's raining very badly. Fortunately, they didn't have the colours I wanted in the portable charger so i didn't, but ti was a close call. 

My sister did a bad thing this trip. She said to me when I made a comment about her consuming and use of Amazon Prime ("I love Prime!" she exclaims every other 5 minutes when at the computer)...anyway, she said, "It's not about what you need. It's not about needs at all. It's entirely about what you WANT. W.A.N.T.". 

Then she swiftly stuck about 15 items onto her wish list for future purchasing.

Now, I'm infected with the same philosophy ("It's so seductively simple: Want - well, get it then!").

I want a Nexus 6. Want. Want. Want. Don't care that it's bigger than my face. I can always get bluetooth in ear buds that double as a headset like the Moto Hint, or the new really snazzy looking Earins, although they should really be called Earsins.

Besides, I don't get that many phone calls anyway... I don't have many friends, although I do have friends at Google, but they really only use hangouts to communicate with me. And with Hangouts, it's mostly reading, so a nice big and bright screen makes more sense and then I can get rid of my reading glasses and well, i'd be saving money in the long run wouldn't I?

Then I so want a portable speaker from Bose. Of course, I could always take advantage of their oh-so friendly return policy but I mustn't. Want.

I did get a four-way coat what is smart and also has a inside down insert that can be worn by itself - and it's reversible too so I can have 4 looks for a very reasonable price. Thanks be to Uniqlo. But that doesn't really count as a want because quite frankly, the last winter coat I got was at Nordstrom's in SF and that was at least 5 years ago. The pockets are sagging, the lining is torn and the poor coat, much like Roldopho's is ready to be sacrificed.

What else do i want? Oooh. Yes, I want an electric toothbrush as well. Don't ask. I just want one. It's really a money saving device because I'll brush my teeth properly and for the requisite 2 minutes per day and then not have to pay my dentist anymore than I already do.

I'm also thinking of a smart t.v. What, Dr. J (who's disappeared)? I don't have a truck so I'm allowed to have one. Unlike some I could mention. Tsk.

Then of course I'd need some new shelves to place the telly on. And some new pillows to lean against, and a mattress on which to place the pillows since there's an unsightly sag to the one I have at the moment. Then if you have a new mattress, of course you need new sheets which lead to pillow cases.

Then while you're in the linen store, you might as well get some new bath towels too.

See. I have this lust for material goods now. I think it's being in Seattle, hungry and being bathed in the gray that is the sky. I want some light and golden rays in my world and I won't get much in the next few months unless of course the SOCK changes things.

I might have to listen to Kylie to keep from spiraling too. Yes! A burger and Kylie! What more culd i ask for and I'm not going to feel guilty about it either. Guilt and Unfounded Anxiety (GUA), so bad for you.

We won't get into the reasons for GUA. I must remind myself that I did work through a whole bunch of work items last week, and actually managed to clear a bunch of stuff off my list of things to do.  Now I just have to reformat a CV and join IO and set the scene for DoC.

Oh, and get some students to chivvy around and then....oh dear...start writing grant applications again.

Oh one thing, I shan't be getting - shoe covers from MEC. They make you fall over apparently.

Okay. Time for Burger King now. Escape Ape demands it.

And for the record - in the past two months, I've had:
4 manuscripts accepted for publication - two of which requested my images for the cover art, and 1 which was the 6th most read in its category.
2 which have been reviewed, and not rejected outright, and which the editors have asked for changes and responses.
1 which is still pending.

Keep your fingers crossed. I might just close 2014 out with 7 more publications. This would make this my best publication year yet, which will make 2015 hell to follow up with.

Ah well. I should just go get Amazon Prime. After all, I do live in a shoebox with a private patio so they could deliver with drones, quite safely and easily.