Silly Beans

Well. Week that was in 10 minutes. 
Fret. Bing. Ring. Crackle and Pop - that about sums it up.

Karma does come back at you. So the lesson is to return to the 4 agreements except that I obviously didn`t return fast enough.
However, after every debacle, there is a period of regrouping and that`s what I`m calling today. 


De plus. Dinner on Thursday, on Friday, on Saturday and then an unexpected one on Sunday. No wonder I`m done in. 

Mr. S should be bottled as a calming tonic if one could only separate the drool from the calm. 

Lessons learnt: The specific harapan tak jadi came from you and so you can`t hold anyone else responsible. 

Two-year old memories make not a history anymore than one swallow makes a summer.

Mr. T came over to measure the shoebox and made it more square than rectangular. The miracles of geometry.

Must. Delete. Stuff. Mighty Text.

Must. Stop. Communicating. Via. Corr Song Lyrics.

Must. Get Dr. H off my back.

There are many complications in life - the majority of these are imposed on me by administrators or the mores of society and family. So my goal now is to not add to any of these complexities which I think is most admirable - whether it`s achievable or not is a different matter (cue agreement 4).

Hate when keyboard switches to French on a whim. The symbols I need suddenly hide elsewhere.

Must. GET noticeboard for board.

Look, you have a lovely home and you have the luxury of reading and working from home. Oh wait, there are extenuating circumstances today - all to do with Karma doing a boomerang back at you. Okay. The goal (other than deleting Mighty Text stuff) is to ride through the week with as much grace and composure as you can muster without breaking a single agreement.

That`s all there is to it really. Not much else you can do except to take control over what happens in your immediate vicinity. 

Wish there`d be some good news in the world though. Silly humans. Such silly people.