My stats are down. Fewer people are reading. It's the digital age. I know it.

Last night I watched 4000 miles with Nicola Cavendish in it. Ms. Cavnedish's performance made me want to call my mother, but that was about it. She evoked a real sense of sympathy for Vera and regrets for time past.

This makes me think of Magnum Bars - don't ask why, it makes me regret not getting them more often now.

I've not been sleeping well lately for some reason - getting up at 3 am for a few hours - then falling heavily asleep when it's time to wake up. I think the cycle was broken last night. I biked home last night all the while fielding messages about the days' events - not that I know very much about what actually happened.

Then this morning, I feel clear-headed even if not quite bright-eyed nor bushy of tail. Well, clearer headed anyway, and with the clearness comes the bitter but not unexpected news that C&M have rejected our latest offering. I told her, I did, that it was rubbish and wouldn't be accepted but was overridden. Of course it's very irritating that this has to happen on the day that I will be rated. Oh Me, Oh My. The expectations that I have to live up to. Ah what the hell, it's not like we'll even receive the raise if recommended anyway. Bah.

So today on my to do list:

  1. Fold laundry
  2. Be like Chris Pratt
  3. Field questions and be encouraging 
  4. Read my reviews and collate them
  5. Think about the research plans
  6. Make an appointment to get Drs. H and Z (impossible task) together
  7. Check my finances - especially the mortgage statements and see how many more pennies I can carve off the interest charges
  8. Calculate my mileage points and see whether I can make elite status for 2015 (I rather fear not)
  9. Read about X-rays
  10. Read about the plasmon resonance effect
  11. Read about big magnets
  12. Drink water but not pee
  13. Not read rumours about the the Nexus 6
  14. Postpone some big ticket items
  15. Make plans for a visit to Oakland
  16. Get onto a review panel in Ottawa so I can create some carnage of my own
  17. Write letters for various peeps
  18. Send card to the good Dr. S
  19. Go shopping for lamps with BK (if KB doesn't say good morning, I shall advise BK to buy the ugliest possible lamp
  20. Make lunch and save myself 10.00 for the upcoming months (see shaving pennies off mortgage interest)
  21. Get red board for the board and contact M to make some things happen
  22. Complain about lack of cleaning - not paying good money for nuffink
  23. Don't pay attention to MINT
  24. Pay attention to MINT
  25. Send out cosmic wish list that Google Overlords will send me free Nexus 6
  26. Don't think about Nexus 6
  27. Get going on Radiation experiments
  28. Ignore the the defunct MB phenotypes
  29. Read the papers downloaded a few days ago

Good grief - is it any wonder that I'm distracted these days?