Lebih dari tiga suara

A new challenge. To get shit down in 10 minutes.

The voices are back. Big thoughts, little head. This is what happens. This is like the split function in Mint.

Last night - dragon chasing pearl as in cloud formation and big big moon. Jaws opening to draw in the pearl. Trees and swings - add to nausea - but fortunately nothing actually made it past the jaws and onto the shoes. There was a miasma about last night which did nothing for the brain's thinking.

Voices (in order of appearance)

  1. Integrity took a back seat didn't it? Better recognize the pattern and stop it. 
  2. It was all done in good faith and to spare some tender feelings
  3. Yes, that's it - you keep telling yourself that. Delusions.
  4. There were no lies involved, just a shift in the time-space continuum.
  5. Oooh. Lovely moon. It's like a pearl.
  6. Yes, we've all heard that before. 
  7. God, don't sit on that swing.
  8. Oh. It's the 1-2-3-4. Sheet. Now what.
  9. Panic is not an option. Think quickly and lie. That's what you always do isn't it?
  10. You try not lying in my case. There's more to come, but fortunately the undulations are becoming gentler and easier on the stomach. 
  12. Wish the water would start up. It would look pretty in the moonlight. 
  13. There's the hammock what Dad swung on in the summer. 
  14. It's the mung beans - that's what it is.
  15. No, hang up! Hang up! It's bad enough that you've already spewed (not on the shoes) but to CT and DW. Now just shut up and have some grace about the whole thing.
  16. It doesn't matter, it's all in the head. 
  17. That's true - you did say that - it's drama generation in the head. Recognise that and Bob's your Uncle. 
  18. I wish. Actually, no, I don't. Definitely not. 
  19. It doesn't matter what the reason is - you do know this right?
  20. What did Joe say? You enjoy the moment for what it is. It really is as simple as that. 
  21. Good thing you didn't go on the see-saw.
  22. A premonitions is nothing more than a wishful though gone negative.
  23. I don't want to collect data anymore, nor to analyze it and then publish. There's too much data and publication in the world, and it doesn't seem to help anyone.
  24. You have too much time on your hands - think of the deadlines and the timeline that's been imposed on us.
  25. It's okay to do other things.

Oops. 10 minutes almost up.