Exploding crockpots

What is wrong with people these days? Why do they have to treat intersections with 4-way stop signs as their personal U-turn space. Why do they insist on driving these big empty cars when turning around like this? Asshats.

Why are people so indecisive even though the decision to be made is their responsibility? Why can not just simply make a decision and live with it - although not like Maggie Thatcher who was unable to change her mind and be the tiniest bit flexible.

Why am I not living the five-point instructions and detaching myself from all and sundry so that I see myself in isolation from others' perceived point of views and opinions?

Why do I not march into Room in Order and demand my little plastic plugs for drywall? Because I would be tempted to ask for more in a punitive move. That's why.

How interesting to find out that one's former classmate survived knife attacks. Real drama does strike in life One supposes.

Must. Cut out the use of One - I sound like Maggie Thatcher.

Today is going to be a testing day. See if it isn't. I will have to use my coupons for McDonald's again.

Today is a potential day for spiraling - but perhaps I will take this as a personal challenge (after taking it as a personal affront) and not spiral.

Why do I not trust the slow-cooker what is caramelizing (hopefully) the apples that were mushed up yesterday.

In order that I do take the spiral mode - I will go to MD's class tonight however wet it gets - and think of the positive point of view. For example:

  1. BMC sent out an urgent e-mail asking for a reply to their reviewers' response. Does this mean 1) that we are under consideration, or 2) that we have to validate the reviewers. I hope the former. 
  2. I am eschewing the Film Festival this year out of solidarity to CT to whom watching dubious and probably over-hyped films is but a busman's holiday. 
  3. The patio is almost ready for seclusion and the winter...almost.
  4. I have a plan for next year's planing (nothing to do with the Wicker Man), nor Ursula Andress.
  5. The stove needs cleaning - this is good because it is a productive way to assuage my latent OCD tendencies.
  6. I have a plan for the remaining orchids.
  7. The rose has been taken care of. 
  8. I'm on budget at the moment. 
  9. I have no guilt about eating McDonald's burgers.
  10. The grant applications that are in play now are not my responsibility. 
  11. We have a new fluorometer. 
  12. MW is doing well after her diagnosis scare. 
  13. MW is doing well too after not hearing for so many years.
  14. H and A can duke it out next week. I shall sit and referee...maybe.
  15. I feel energy returning - that it's derived from anger and annoyance doesn't matter - it's an example of repurposing for the better. 
  16. I am slowly learning how to detach and take responsibility for myself, and not for others as a screen to avoid it for me.
  17. There is nothing wrong with the Oxford Comma.

Ta ta. Sorry BK, nothing about you nor KB this post. Do something controversial and maybe I'll be inspired to turn it into a story.

Now to run and see whether the slow cooker has exploded...