Ya ya ya ya

Can Can Can (not the French one).

On the play list: Jaga dia untukku. Why? This is simply reinforcement of the worst kind. THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. KIND.

And yet, it sums everything up admirably and it's a piece of work it is. Mr. Young taught me irony by introducing me to the works of Saki. And verily I was doomed from that day on. Cherry blossoms were no longer blossoms, but a symbol of the frailty and shortness of life. And today, today, I feel like spending money to get some brown speakers - they would match my floors so much better. Should I? Should I?

After all, Dr. J bought a car, and KB bought half of one last year. So why can't I buy new speakers when the old ones are still fine? Why I ask? Why?

Because - it would be irresponsible morally and financially.

So what the hell. I won't. For now.

On Friday morning (not today because I have no time) I would like Summer to enter my apartment with a roar and then curl around the hearth and lay down to sleep for a while. That's what I would like, but I'm sure the capricious bitch won't do it without a lot of cajoling and who knows how much energy I'll expend on cajoling.

Cajoling - tire of that too. See Jaga dia untukku. Worst. Reinforcement. and so forth.

Coma - controlled, self-induced for a few months in lieu of a sabbatical which I've been denied. That'd teach them.

This is how bad it is today:: not even the prospect of the new 64-bit architecture with Android L and Material design coming in the fall excites me.

Must remember to membunuh benci because the ROI is bad is you don't. Bad. Bad.

Okay, let's get a grip here. There are many uncertainties in life - life in fact is one big uncertain mess because you just don't know what will happen next. Exerting control, or shaping events to suit one is (at a high level) is a sign of rigidity and dinosaur behaviour which means you'll go extinct sooner rather than later. Accepting what happens and adapting to the circumstances (even if it means buying the occasional set of speakers that are strictly speaking quite unnecessary). The advantage to adapting and accepting is that you are content with what you have/happens and so don't go hankering for more.

What's happening here is the impending long weekend which also marks the start of the new academic year. It's like all the Friday evenings of the college terms rolled into one big moment. I hate it but then again, I must also remember that last year, I went to Italy, and the year before I was up in Nelson, and the year before that, I was also up at Nelson. So this year, it's quite okay to stay back and work on home stuff because September will come whether you want it to or not. And at least you completed the annual run and dip - and this year in fresh and salt water.

I think I'll go get the dimensions of the new speakers now. Damn it. I want them.