Today, I will start with First World Problems even though I'm in what's ostensibly a Third World Country.

Plugged into my computer is a USB dongle for my bluetooth mouse. Unfortunately, the mouse is far, far away in Canada while I'm en route to KCH. Damn it.

Second FWP I can't seem to figure out how to change the setting of the A/C fan in this lovely hotel room - it has electronic blinds(!) - and an extravagantly over the top breakfast buffet for chump change. There is so much food available, and so few guests in the hotel restaurant that I rather fear most of it will be wasted.

Third FWP. I'm logged into the hotel's wireless network so I can download an episode of Downton Abbey (Sub-third FWP - Downton was not available on the CX flights yesterday) onto my phone for the last leg of my trip home.

And yet, and yet - how do you compare problems? This was a thesis of mine this past week because it was a brimming (go read Nancy Mitford to get the reference)  kind of week, and the kind souls who attempted to stop the brimming kept telling me to count blessings and be grateful that I wasn't in the same state as many others in this world of ours.

And I kept saying that it doesn't matter knowing that someone else is worse off because it only makes you feel even more guilt that you're complaining. Let me rethink this - Comparing may work if it's a physical problem/pain, but I don't think it helps when the problems are in your head. I believe that the degree of anguish you feel is specific to the person. You may sit back and make judgement calls about the triviality or not of someone's problems in the spectrum of cosmic problems, but this has no effect on how the person feels the pain and/or problem.

So there you go. Like I said it was a brimming kind of week.

Regardless, there were a few things that flitted through my mind when I was sat in seat 71D for 13 hours watching what came onto the screen. First thing to clear out - I hate it when I'm sensitized to a situation and it catches you unawares and then you think this is a deliberate taunt from the fates.

Must. Remember. Agreement # 2: It's not personal.

It is all coincidence, or simply sensitization and means nothing. The good thing about the human mind, nose and eye - sensitization is a short-lived thing and when you overwhelm the senses you stop responding.

The other thing to remember: I'm jetlagged, sleep deprived and in no state of mind to make any real decisions about anything. Already I've made several decisions (which I thought to be imperatives) only to scramble and try to reverse them a few hours after.

Good things: The reversal of the roaming charges from $92 to $20. It was my fault, and very good of the telco to cut me some slack. This is a double lesson learnt - Avoid roaming charges and don't go OTT with your gestures - they mean more to you than to others really.

The other lesson to be absorbed. Cutting yourself some slack. It's okay to feel the way you do. You have to give it its due attention and then let it go. If it comes back, give it due attention again, and let it go.

The other thing that helps is to take each moment as it comes and know that it will pass because you're in the active stage of reaching a true equilibrium and you don't know what is important, and what is not.

Finally - there is more than one meaning to LOL

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