Prophetic words or self-induced drama. I couldn't say. Time will tell which is which. It may be a while yet, but I hope sooner rather than later.

I live on an island far away. All by myself, there's no one else. Nobody calls, but that's okay. don't need their help, I'm by myself. When I go wrong as people do, there's only me to answer to. Nobody here to bring me down, no feelings I need step around. I'm not too low, I'm not too high.

It's been several days now since I got off those blasted planes, and I'm still recovering. Recovery - so important when all is said and done. Haven't quite shaken off the remnants of the jet lag yet. Am partially on Vancouver time at the moment, and it's all a bit confusing. I wake when I should sleep, I sleep when i should wake, I eat when i should not and vice versa.

More First World Problems.

We do laundry daily.
We eat out of boredom.
We place blankets onto floors to represent lavender islands.

I am trying very hard to do nothing, and I believe this sentence says it all. Cut myself some slack? Only by the mm.

But all that is okay. Today. My tasks are to: convert a standard sized sim card into a micro-sim card. This will cost $8.33. Once that is done - there are two other things that follow. Merging contacts and transferring images.

There is a disconnect, and where disconnects exist, there is the potential for misunderstandings. What comes out of this can be dire. In particular misunderstandings can lead to rancor and disappointments. However, more to the point, and this is something I should think about,  is not letting this happen for me or not?

Should I just do nothing and drift?

Should I make plans and then drift with intent?

I'm drifting because I can't think properly - should I bother thinking properly?

Today the clouds are back in the sky and they form little circular patterns. I can't quite tell whether they go clockwise or anti-clockwise. It's the equator so it can go either way as it's not influenced by the Northern nor the Southern hemisphere.

One goes down, the other goes up. Are there any which just bob about in the middle? The middle is where I want to be for the moment. Anything is better than being in the bottom where the little sharp tacks poke and hurt you.

The trip here is no panacea, nor should it be designated as one. I will drift through the next few weeks with no plans, no aims nor goals. I don't want to make plans nor have any hopes because for the most part, hopes are dashed as a potter's vessel then there's hell to pay.

So clever of me to mix in a biblical reference here no?

I will read the articles and respond to AZ about the WB results though. And that's about it for the moment. The moment is what's important.