Overdriving laments

Ni No Ni Alright Mrs. D - get back into the cranial cavities and let another voice speak.
Just how many voices are there as in just how many bells are there as spoken by Mrs. Lovett...

Many - many voices. They all deserve a chance on the stage even if to be hooked and booed off is to be their fate.

Voice 1 says that concentration is difficult but well worth the effort since momentary focus intensifies the moment of experience.

Voice 2 says that Ottawa deserves some serious thought. Dallas, not so much.

Voice 3 says that it's the fates I should rail at, not the its pawns (or prawns) because the pawns (or prawns) are as much victim of the fates as I am - nay, Voice 3 is more victim than the pawns (or prawns) - it simply stands to reason because, well because it's in my head. It's all in my head. All in my head.

Voice 4 says that all this warmth alternating with cool is just not very healthy and inclined to make you feel like you're catching a cold that will become flu then pneumonia and then you'll be like Violetta expiring on the couch.

Voice 5 says that you shouldn't blame the instrument but then again voice 5 is truly demented so don't for the love of God listen to voice 5.

Voice 6 just speaks of doom and very boring of him it is.

Voice 7 says that you should focus on the law and what it brings and that all will be fine because you are meeting different needs.

Voice 8 says that in order to be healthy you must not use not cut down on the sugar but also not indulge in boring dependency.

Voice 9 says that cutting yourself some slack can be dangerous but to do it anyway based on the principle of scraping the bottom of barrels.

Voice 10 says that there is always a choice and that it's up to you to decide, act on the decision and not regret it.

Voice 11 says that the reasons for the ambiance don't matter. It's the ambience  that matters in the end.

Voice 12 says fake it.

Voice 13 says don't even think it.

Voice 14 says that it all shakes out in the end and besides it's not like you have a choice in the results.

Voice 15 says that of course it's not easy and nobody, but nobody, has any right to dictate how long, how fast, how intense any of this should be to you.

Voice 16 the tester says to try a 48 hour fast a là St. Sébastien.

Voice 17 the pragmatic one says that you just have to hang on tight until the ride comes to an end.

Voice 18 says that good things will happen and at least you don't have any unwanted or unauthorized parasites feeding on you.

Voice 19 in reply to voice 18 says that because you are not plagued by the unauthorized and unwanted, you have No IDEA what it is like for those that are,  and so you should show compassion.

Voice 20 the selfish one says, bullshit, it's irrelevant whether you have roommates or not, it's what you make of what you have and nobody's plight or circumstances have any relevance to you because quite frankly, nobody can know you properly.

Voice 21 the advocate then pipes up triumphantly that the same applies to you and so you should not make assertions or assumptions about anyone.

Voice 22 then breaks in to say that all what voice 21 says is trues,  but that you should still go on a 48 hour fast a là St. Sébastien because it is likely to be a learning experience.

Voice 23 says that despite all you do, you're saved from lots things that would otherwise have killed you by now. Maybe listen more.

Voice 24 says are you even sure that Voice 23 is for real but then again what's the harm? Think of it as extra insurance.

Voice 25 says that when it all comes down to it,  all is out of our hands anyway so you may as well just go OTT.

Voice 26 says you mustn't make such predictions else it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Voice 27 shrieks what prophecy, and is that the same as cosmic wishing?

Voice 28 murmurs that old saw horse about the gods granting you your wishes when they want to punish you.

Voice 29 says smugly that your wishes are really reflections of what you really desire rather than what is appropriate for you.

Voice 30 says that like it or not you must save today. You.  Must.