Woof Woof

Lists are the salvation and bane of my life. Just a quick list to make me feel like I'm doing something useful (Query: Why the need to feel like am doing something useful?)

  1. Woof, woof. I want a dog - French Bulldog or Border Collie. Labrador, but too large and active for apartment living I fear. The pressure from little M will increase but I shall not buckle.
  2. So connected but so disconnected at the same time. In order to rectify this, I shall disconnect so as to be connected. Ha.
  3. Today is going to be one of those pivotal in life days. Even if it isn't, I will make it so and then repent at my leisure.
  4. Office drama is nothing more than drama that belongs to someone else. Best to not get involved except to state the facts.
  5. What is fear? Nothing more than not wanting to understand and face the facts.
  6. What is guilt? Nothing more than deflecting your fears about yourself to what you believe you owe someone else.
    • I feel guilty about B from years ago. The two mitigating factors are that you were badly advised, and you were trying to do good. Let this not affect #1.
    • I should not feel guilt about having time off. It's necessary like sleep is to rejuvenate the thought processes.
  7. State finances aren't quite as bad as Sabah under Mustapha or Sarawak under Taib. See, it's never as good as you hope, but nor is it as bad a you fear (see #5).
  8. The reasons are not important; it's the fact that is important.
  9. I will not waste time, patience or rationalizations anymore. Much better in the long run to accept and forget.
  10. And in connection with #9, have no regrets.
  11. If I get a French Bulldog, I shall have to get an air-conditioner?!
  12. Dependence: Can't trust anybody else to do things as well, or with as much self-interest as yourself.
  13. Independence: To be self-dependent.
  14. Control: Use sparingly and only on things that are within your own purview - see #12
  15. Mitford Longings: In this case, patience and disconnecting are really the only things that can be applied because it's really out of your own purview.
  16. 15 points are enough. Except one other thing - must get the other PC out of the dust and use it.