Water and Immigrants.

Today, my main goal in life is to drink water to balance out the electrolyte concentrations in my corporeal self. The same goes for the mental self, but that will be dealt with in a future me statement that will come back to haunt me in months to come.

Saw The Immigrant yesterday. Wanted to slit my wrists after. Part of it was the sepia tones used in the filming. It made me feel like I was going blind in addition to sinking in a morass of no hope. The slough of despondency was as azure waters in a Mediterranean climate in comparison. 

On Saturday, I did manage a short run to celebrate the longest day of the year, and to mourn the end of summer. The bitch, DWA, sent me his annual message to remind me of this fact. I was already dressed in black.

On Friday, I entertained an immigrant who had a much better disposition than Eva in The Immigrant. Good thing too, else I would really have slit my wrists which will do my corporeal self no good. 

For some reason, I have a huge number of scratches and abrasions on my legs, arms and hands. This is sad because it's obvious that I'm in Vitamin C deficiency and so my wounds - it can't be stigmata because they're happening in all the wrong places - aren't healing as fast as they should. I want to exfoliate, but can't because it would mean using little plastic beads that will end up in the ocean choking little plankton that are then eaten by baleen whales who will then starve. And I have enough guilt trips laid on me without having to worry about starving baleen whales. 

Speaking of baleen whales, the hot (not for very long) weather on the weekend brought out any number of humanoid whales in various states of undress. I ran out of eye-bleach very quickly. What would the Countess Dowager say? There really is no need to expose anymore flesh than is strictly necessary in public. 

There is also far too much cheap plastic in this world. I despair of the world. I really do. I will have to stop reading the news because the news does one of two things:

1) It tells you of the grand tragedies in the world, and you feel hopeless and helpless because what's happening is so large it overwhelms you.

2) It tells you of things that the collective media (motivated by hucksters who want to sell you something and take your money) that you MUST have, that you absolutely NEED to have if you're to have a good life, and then you feel wanting because you don't have what they're pushing and so obviously are a sub-par human, and may as well just disappear. 

1 and 2 are evil points of view. I shall eschew them as best as possible for the rest of the year. Hey if I can go without Twix Bars for over 5 years after making a decision one day after eating one or two per day, then I can do this too. 

I shall also eschew cheap sugar to the best of my ability - if I cook with it, it's not quite the same because at least I can try to mitigate its effects by adding other things to it. 

One last thought. You can only go up when you're as far down as I am at the moment. I'm very tired of these life and mood depressing blows that have been raining down on me since February. Today is the day I start finding resolutions and make changes so that these blows (however they fall) will have as little effect on me as possible.

And the first steps are: Drink more water and buy a loofah for exfoliation.