The river runs dry

What is price versus value?

For the most part, we are all faced with choices. My choice today is the direction of the spiral. It goes without saying that this isn't a choice that I want to make so I shan't. Instead of spiraling I will oscillate instead. Whereas you can spiral up or down, when you oscillate, you basically stay in the same spot. Maybe not oscillate, maybe bob about.

There are responsibilities that I have to discharge in the days to come. Yesterday, I took care of a major one. Today, there's another one to be resolved. Then in the days to come, there will be more decisions to be made. I think I'll make a resolution now - all to do with integrity and clarity and all that good stuff - that I'll make the decision then go on to the next one.

It won't be easy because there are many factors that have to be taken into account. By factors, I mean people with different opinions. If only I were a despot who could just simply tell them what to do (get out of my life) and where to go (take a long walk on a short pier into shark-infested waters).

And as the waters rise, I choose oblivion because really when all is said and done, the reasons for what happens don't matter. It's what happens at the moment that should concern you. Deal with that, and don't wring your hands over the reasons that led to this moment in time.

Give yourself the same advice that you would give to someone else. Don't heed the advice of the evil, mean, niggling, doubting, ego-crushing, confidence sapping internal voice that just beats you down. What I would say if there were someone else in front of me is: Cut yourself some slack. It's okay to go into hiding for a little while. It's okay to shirk your responsibilities to other people and be selfish for a little while. It's okay to let people down; it happens all the time. It's okay to let go of the rock and remove the risk of drowning.