On the contrary Lady Mary

What is it? Sleep, Lady Mary, sleep is sorely lacking.
What is it? The Fates, Lady Mary, the fates are not being kind.
What is it? The Insensitive, Lady Mary, the insensitive are oblivious.

What is it? The Hide, Lady Mary, the hide is not sufficiently thick.
What is it? The Scales, Lady Mary, the scales are falling.

Then again.

What is it? The Irony, Lady Mary, the air is redolent with irony.
What is it? The Agony, Lady Mary, the agony is being laid down thickly.
What is it? The Desires and the Fears, Lady Mary, they exist side by side.

What is it? What is it? Oh, dear heart, What is it?

What is it? The Grit, Lady Mary, the grit hurts the eyes.
What is it? The Unknown, Lady Mary, the great unknown terrifies me.

Oh, dear heart, dear, dear heart, the great unknown terrifies everyone. Now go to bed and sleep. Sleep until the soreness goes away. The fates are neither kind nor cruel, the oblivious can be told, the hide should be kept from becoming coarse, it is time the scales fall. The irony, agony, desires and fears will be replaced with other ironies, agonies, desires and fears. The eyes' tears will wash the grit out and you will see clearly again. But sleep now, sleep.