Kaya is made of sugar, eggs and coconut milk. It's rich beyond belief and delicious on thin hot toast. In fact, this was the last meal I had in KL the last time I was there.

Kaya also means rich. No surprise that the one bestowed its name on the other.

Kaya is also the name of the bistro that I was at last night with BKKB who were saying farewell to one ML who's on her way to new adventures in some far away place.

Far, far away. There's merit in running far away sometimes. There's also merit in completing your tasks (necessary and self-imposed) methodically and with focus.

I've not scored myself recently with respect to the four agreements. Mostly because I don't think I've lived up to them very well in a while. Before the slippery slope becomes a crumbling cliff, I'd best do a quick check and see what can be done - much like using polyfilla (such an ugly name) to fix my L-counter.

Agreement #1: Behave with integrity, be impeccable with your word.
Saying what you mean can be difficult. Doing what is true to yourself and not because you are hoping for a return is doubly difficult.

B+ because I haven't always said what I mean although I think I took several good steps towards it this weekend. I have tried to be true to what I want to do. There were a few moments when I moved towards something else to numb myself but managed to step back. So good effort. I have to work on impeccable words - but with one caveat - speaking what I mean is all well and good, but it has to be done without hurting another's feelings.

Agreement #2: Don't take anything personally.
The action of others isn't because of you; what they say and do is a projection of their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you have one less thing to beat yourself with.

C+ because I've not tried very hard with this agreement because it's too easy to just blame myself. There were two instances where I was described in positive terms, but I immediately rejected this because it wasn't what I wanted to hear at the time. Instead, what I should have done (should do now) is to realize the action of others is not motivated by me, but by their own reality - which you know little about.

Agreement #3: Don't make assumptions.
We assume that we are on display and being judged. There two fallacies to this. Most times, people are more interested in their own dream and reality than in yours. Likewise, the judgement you feel stems from yourself. Ask honest questions and accept the answers at face value. The moment you question the answers, or provide the answers yourself, you're projecting your own fears and desires.

F because I've been making assumptions - wild ones - in the absence of any information. This has been an abject failure and I will try to put a stop to it and do better in the future.

Agreement #4: Always do your best
What you do, and how well you do it will change from moment moment. Simply do your best and and you will have no regrets, and without regrets, you won't beat yourself up for what you've done.

B+ because I've been trying to do things with focus and with intent. It's not always been successful, but for the most part, I've been able to complete each task I set out to do. And slowly this will build to a better grade.

Overall, on this, the last day of June in 2014, one fail, one passing grade and two solid grades. Not as bad as I feared. In fact, when I look at this, if I'd been able to do better with the third agreement, then everything else would have been raised a bit more.

Now to go get that bag of whole-wheat flour.