Towers of rage. Incandescent with rage etc, etc, etc, Today I am angry, and at so many things that I scarcely know where to start. Perhaps that's a good thing and I shouldn't start for I could be here for a long time. And I shouldn't be grousing here for a long time as there are many other things that I could be doing. Except I don't want to do them. Oh the dilemma of it all. To do or not to do. To find excuses or not. To stick one's head in the water and ignore the world or not.

Oh but I must mention the FSC, aka the bitch who gave me the evil eye after coming to a full stop reluctantly when she realized that there was a stop sign, and that I had the right of way on my bike - she can be put into brine. Fat Cow. Fat. Stupid. Cow.

I shouldn't hold my breath either - well yes when in the water ignoring the world - but not when I'm out of the water. That's not good - holding your breath - it makes you light-headed but maybe that would be good because my head feels very heavy. Perhaps I should start taking Drixoral again or breathe helium. Either would make my head light, but that's not helpful if it's metaphorical lightness I want. At least that's what I think I want - truth is, I have no idea what I want at the moment.

In the short term:
A chocolate croissant with a good coffee
Confirmation that mms and sms are back to normal
CWL reassignments
A run that is more than tentative and less than full out

In the medium term:
To get positive results from GNP and RAD
To not worry about the GAP or GUP
To let go and be light headed (see above)

In the long term:
Oh, who can think that far ahead!