No, not house listings. I'm not planning on selling or buying for a while. Such a tiring experience, it's not the purchase itself, it's the incidental expenses that are so trying.

Last night, BK made me go run even though I was channeling Mimi and Violetta, then after, he made KB and me go eat at the Union. He can be very persuasive when he wants to be. While there, pretending to be both retro, edgy and emo all at the same time, except that I failed miserably because I didn't have a stitch of black on me, we noticed someone watering the weeds in the sidewalk. Even weeds deserve some love and car0e. How sweet, how somehow anti-urban.

After all, it's almost a sure thing that should dandelions be less vulgar in their presentation, they wouldn't be termed weeds. It's all in one's perspective and point of view isn't it? Point of views (POV) - the easy thing to do is to have your own and not bother with those espoused by anybody else on the basis that you're right, and they're not. that way, you can live in your own little bubble and be right all the time, be vindicated and generally superior to all around one.

Unfortunately, that's not how the world works, at least not my little, bubble with holes in it world. Holes that let all the uncouth, the considerate, the kindliness and generosity in like someone has blown 1 million dry dandelion seed heads in your direction with a big, powerful, laminar flow Dyson fan. So there you go. I sit in my holey bubble with full intentions of being righteously angry, prickly and then all this white fluff of unrelenting goodness fly in and cover you  and force you to see other people's POVs. Then you're sunk. Really, and truly sunk. It's difficult to be prickly when you tippy toe in other people's shoes. Instead you feel like you should be more generous in your thought and actions and be nice. Nice. Not a real word as Mr. Young used to say.

I hate it when your prickles drop off and you feel empathy for others. I wish that I could weed it out of my consciousness and go my own way with a look of disdain at those around me. But, no, of course not, that doesn't work once you've brushed up against empathy for others. Just one little smidgen and you suddenly start strewing benefit of the doubt for all and sundry. Bah. Other people should have the grace to keep their POVs to themselves; it would make my life that much easier.

Anyway, I've made a list of things to do, and I've been ticking them off quite well so that's been keeping me busy. It's quite a dry list though, nothing to write home about. All very practical stuff what has to be done to keep body and soul together. If nothing else, it'll help me pass the time until my health returns to normal, and what passes for the SOM at this time also returns to normal.

In other news, AB has done a fantastic job with traction, pushing, prodding and nudging my teeny wrist bones back into place. I can almost do a 90 degree bend with pressure now - which I couldn't some time ago. Next time if anything like this happens (fall off bike and hurt arm and wrist that is), I shall seek AB out within two weeks rather than wait several months in the hopes that things will heal by themselves. Once the wrist is sorted, the hip will go for some inspections, prodding, and be subject to red laser and hopefully, we'll be able to avoid the red rope treatment, which in this case has nothing to do with red carpet. Red rope treatment sounds painful actually. Something about suspending you above the ground to see how your joints, limbs and internal organs fall into place to see where you're weak. Then you have to make the weak strong, and that entails work that, more often than not, is painful. So no, no red rope treatment if I can possibly help it.

Okay, today is a day when faith and trust is tested. I will probably be found somewhat wanting because to be honest, I've not paid much attention to the four agreements recently, and there are consequences...some of which led to the lists that litter my desk...