The end is nigh

My break is almost over. Bah.

And I have to say that I'm losing patience with the Goldfinch. It drags on. There is a certain amount of Byzantine drama that goes on, but no Voldermort nor Death Eaters to liven things up. Drugs, drugs, drugs, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, death of close ones, death of close ones, death of close ones and destruction of delicate child sensibilities to be revived (somewhat) by working with antique furniture (kind of). Oh dear. A little bit lugubrious in parts. I don't think I'll manage to finish this novel despite what the Guardian says. 

Otherwise, have made a batch of cookies, made an apple pie (for little M), a NGC (for big M) and today, a batch of pineapple tarts (for all concerned). 

Also - had lunch with Dr. L, and visited his home and dungeon to check out the latest mod. cons. Hot water, heated tiles, music, and even video - all very swish although the CRT has to go, and soon. LCD flat panels are all the rage these days. 

Discovered a lovely cheddar and truffle cheese. Must get some for home. Ditto with mangoes that have been spiced up with something red, bitter and sharp.

Uni-Qlo has made it to town and I shall buy some colourful shirts - see if I don't. 

Another colourful shelf for little M, an early birthday present - her hamsters demand coloured rooms it seems. Most annoyingly, the store doesn't have quite everything so we shan't be able to fulfill wishes 100%. That, however, is life and a lesson to be learnt at an early stage. 

Never did make it to the Happiness Hypothesis, nor other hypotheses, although not doing the latter is probably better than having got to it. 

Ran up the Bay Bridge to see the dismantling of the old and to check out the new. Quite brilliant the views - but shall have to go see it in the evening one day. 

Bridges and spans that reach nowhere - all so metaphorical somehow, but I shall ignore it all. 

Oh - yes, also met up with TE and caught up. 

Did a whole bunch of weeding (literal and metaphorical) so now some of the plants (thoughts) that were being overgrown by the weeds (bad feelings) have a chance to grow again. I hope. Now must water and nurture. 

Walked little M up to school and met the latest sprog educator. 

And I think that's it - now, to get ready for the return home.