Jammy Bastard

Today, Monday April 14th, 2014.

The final step in jam making - letting it drip dry
I make pineapple jam. I also head out to the Bay Bridge but decide not to walk it as it would take too long. Instead I shall run it sometime. Then I head to Target to get cleaning supplies because none is to be found in the household. The shower doors shall be pristine by the time I am done.

I also buy some Cadbury Mini Eggs because the spiced mango slices aren't enough to cut the insides of my mouth into shreds. In the evening, I met with the always amiable TE and check out his latest home, a condo with all the mod. cons. including a heated outdoor pool. Very swish.

And that's it. Potter is in LV still and has met Boris (not the spider). I've run into the Scarlets and the Feathers yet again - 3 pound sterling and 84 pence it cost me at Tesco's. However, they stay downstairs because I'm trying to break bad habits.

If I were to be suspicious and cynical, I'd say that someone is already doing the breaking for me. However, I shall not be suspicious and cynical, and only say that it's being done for my own (perceived) good. Yes. That shall be it. That is what I shall say.

Tomorrow, my package of purchased goods will/should arrive. Fedex promises to deliver early, but I've been made promises by Fedex before. I bet the driver is sinister; It wouldn't surprise me in the least.