Paying the piper's son

According to my Google Overlords, To "pay the piper" figuratively means to face the unpleasant results of your actions for something you have neglected to do especially after you promised to do it.

Right, so that doesn't work. I've not neglected to do anything that I've promised to do - in fact, I've not promised anything so how can I neglect it, unless it was a promise (like a sin) of omission? I'm pretty sure though that's not the case here, and it just doesn't apply. 

So in the case of the single double espresso with a touch of foam floated on top, this aphorism does not apply, and I won't go further with this analogy in case it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Self-fulfilling prophecies are nothing more than exercises in self-futility and self-induced frustration, then you really have to pay the piper.

Not to mention, the outcome, much like survival outcomes, are generally out of your control. You may be able to do a few things to influence it, but the outcome won't change substantially. And if that's the case, then you just have to live with it. 

A little cosmic wish - peace, resumption, evolution and continuation - because cosmic wishes don't hurt, and may even help a little in matters of guidance.

Alors deux.

It's actually Tom, the piper's son, that I have to pay anyway. So all this makes the above irrelevant beyond all belief (well maybe not the cosmic wish). Yeah. Tom, Tom, Tom the piper's does that ditty go dear Google Overlords?

Tom, Tom the piper's son
Stole a pig and away he ran
The pig was eat, and Tom was beat
And Tom went roaring down the street.

So there you go, it's actually all about stealing pigs, running away, eating the poor pig, then being beat. Then roaring etc. Now what exactly do I pay Tom, the piper's son? That is to be negotiated in April. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm glad that it's cleared up for me. At least for now. I hope. 

So, one more thing decided. Paying the piper's son in April, but no such arrangements to be made until the 14th of March. Just before the Ides.