Head feels heavy today. Result of the 1st generation anti-histamine I took last night.

How to be light-hearted and write upbeat, enthusiastic 'this is the best thing ever' blurbs for uncaring administrators when all you want to do is to sleep for a few months? How I ask? How? But this is my metier, or so I arrogantly assume. So back to the blurbs, but in a few minutes (120 minutes to be exact) because I want to reboot my mind, and body too.

That's another reason for the feeling of heaviness. Too many thoughts circulating and making chit-chat to one another. There's lots of buzzing about in the cranial cavities. Mostly inconsequential, farcial or fantastical. The fantastical ones are the most dangerous because they can take root if you're not paying attention to the narrative, then before you know it, you're in a delusional state and you can only imagine the trouble that comes with being delusional in this world.

So unfortunate I only have 120 minutes to reboot my mind - that's not very much time. If only there was some kind of enzyme solution you could pump up your nose to get at the crooks and crannies and digest all the unprofitable thoughts and scurrying little evil thought-squirrels there.

Okay - the clock is on. I'm going to go stare into space for a little bit and hopefully things will settle down and I shall see the way forward. It'd be about bloody time.